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You must stay in your apartment as the city around you falls to an Eldritch horror.

"Stay inside. Stay safe. Don't let anyone in."

That's what they told you to do, and now you're alone. You've been alone for a while, well... except for Lambshank, the strangest dog you've ever seen.

You don't know how long you've been here. Weeks? Years? Each day blurs into the next, time stretching between the world before, and the world now. You try not to think about the creature in the distance, the whispers in the walls. You ignore the ghostly glow it bathes the city in, violet spreading through every inch of sky.

Is any of this real? Does any of this mean something?
You're not sure if you want to know the answer.

Made in 48 hours for the Women Game Jam 2021, You will (Not) Remain is a 2D narrative game that takes place in an abandoned apartment complex. Haunted by their previous mistakes and growing loneliness, the player must navigate the strange world they have found themselves in. A world that makes them question their reality while the city outside succumbs to a nameless terror.

  • Narrative driven experience
  • Detailed pixel art and strong aesthetic
  • Immersive original 8 bit soundtrack
  • Explores mental health issues
  • Steam achievements
  • Play existential fetch with your dog

You Will (Not) Remain is a story about isolation that contains dark themes and deals with mental health issues. These include but are not limited to anxiety, depression, dissociation and suicidal ideation.

  • Art - T-Dog eXtreme (@tdogextreme)
  • Writing - Gabriella Lowgren (@ellalowgren)
  • Programming - Jordan Cook-Irwin (@jordancookirwin)
  • Music - Talia Raso (@ta_raso)

With special thanks to our testers
  • Charlotte Attwood
  • Haydon Bakker
  • Harry Driscoll
  • Kelly Gilkes
  • Zac Illig
  • Alan Robinson
  • Lachlan Swan
  • Julia Te Lintelo
  • Brandon Victor
  • Summer Vimes