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Welcome To Zero Hour

"Serious Slow-Paced Tactical Shooter"

Jump in and experience true online tactical gameplay. We want to thank our community for the tremendous support and patience everyone has shown. Join our discord and get closer to the community and the game’s development. We hope you enjoy the game!

About the Game

Welcome to Zero Hour, a tactical FPS with online team-based action gameplay that is set across various locations in Bangladesh with real-life scale & resource management. Join forces with up to 10 players in intense cooperative missions, or go solo with up to 9 AI squad mates. Experience hostage rescue and bomb defusal missions that require calculated strategies in the dynamic 5v5 PvP mode. Shape your route through compelling situations by interacting with story-driven NPCs and engaging with various objectives.

Intense Tactical Action

Zero Hour presents serious slow-paced, and methodically intense gameplay. The game offers authentic gunplay and scenarios, where quick thinking and strategic execution are essential for victory. Utilize the planning table to overview operations and formulate your approach before taking action. Remember, every move counts, and success demands teamwork, strategy, and precision.

Innovative Gameplay Elements

Strategically utilize the breaker switch to control building lights, adding depth to your tactics. Explore over 15 diverse maps set across various locations in Bangladesh, with some offering unique features, such as functional elevators for vertical traversal, bulletproof glass, and dynamic shutters that provide strategic access points, creating new challenges and potential advantages for the player.

Dynamic Door Mechanics

Doors are your lifeline and your barrier. Infiltrate with caution as terrorists set traps and alarms. Meanwhile, attackers have an arsenal of over 4 breach options: kick, door rammer, C2 explosives, and back kick combined with grenades, ensuring a variety of strategies to navigate these vital entry points.

Weapon Customization and Immersive Sim Elements

With over 23 distinct weapons and 18 utilities to choose from, resource management becomes vital as you coordinate with your team to take on various roles. Fine-tune your arsenal with decent weapon customization. Modify rails, sights, and foregrips for optimal performance. Immerse yourself in realism by checking magazines for bullet count and repacking magazines for efficiency.

Dynamic Suspect AI

Face a variety of suspects, each with distinct behaviors. Some even wield suicide bombs, while others utilize sniper tactics in long-range maps. They even have the ability to sense incoming fire and strategically time their advances ensuring maximum safety. The dynamic nature of suspects keeps you on your toes, with no guarantee of their next move.

Your K9 Companion

The K9 Attack Dog feature brings an immersive and emotional experience to your missions. As the game starts, you're assigned as a dog handler, initiating your journey with a small, nameable puppy. Initially resting in a cage, the puppy soon becomes interactive and starts playing around, following the player through the training facility. After successfully completing three missions, the canine companion becomes available for mission deployment.