PS Vita Firmware Extractor Released

While the PS Vita has yet to grace Japanese store shelves, it would seem hackers are already poking around Sony’s new hardware. SKFU – a name you may recognize from the early days of PS3 hacking scene has released a […]

Sony Reveals Digital Discounts for UMD Owners

Sony is launching a currently Japan-only initiative dubbed UMD Passport that will allow existing UMD owners to purchase digital conversions of titles they already own at a discount for PS Vita. Previously, the idea was merely being considered, but now […]

SCE Opens Beta Sign-Ups for PlayStation Suite Developer Program

Sony Computer Entertainment is busy ramping up support for its cross-platform framework PlayStation Store in November, announcing an closed beta test open exclusively to developers. Entry into the closed beta test is limited, with sign-ups now accepted on Sony’s official […]

Sony ‘Looking Into’ PSP To PS Vita Save Data Transfers

PS Vita owners will be able to purchase and download hits from the PSP’s backcatalog — possibly at a discount price if you own the UMD. What’s still up in the air is whether save data between the two portables […]

Valkyria Chronicles 3 May Not Reach West On UMD, Sega Exploring Digital Options

Given the franchise’s sterling reputation and cult following, you’d think a localized rendition of Valkyria Chronicles 3 would be a lock. Not so, says Sega. The dismal news comes from Sega console sales manager Hiroshi Seno, who told GameSpot that the […]

It’s Official: PS Vita Is Region Free

The impending release of PS Vita will continue the trend of import-friendly Sony gaming devices. Responding on Twitter, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that Vita is region free. This has been rumored for far too long, […]

PSN Rebounds Post-Hack, Sales Better Than Ever Says Sony CEO

After the damaging PSN hacking incident that led to weeks of downtime and left over 70 million accounts compromised, things are finally looking up for Sony. Speaking at the IFA press conference in Germany, Sony CEO Howard Stringer reportedly told those in attendance […]

Parasite Eve 2 Hitting US PSN This Week

Square Enix has announced that Parasite Eve 2 will hit the North American PSN later this week. Originally uncovered via ESRB listings, the original Parasite Eve joined the PSOne Classics library around the time its spiritual successor – The 3rd Birthday […]

PlayStation Vita: 512MB RAM Confirmed

Despite earlier “reports” claiming that the Vita’s RAM allotment  had been cut to 256MB due to budget constraints, a fresh spec sheet released by Sony Computer Entertainment lists the Vita as being equipped with 512MB RAM. In addition, the Vita […]

God of War: Origins Collection PSP, PS3 Comparison

With Ready At Dawn gearing up to release a remastered bundle of both God of War PSP titles for PS3 this September, Sony has released a comparison video showing off the fruits of their labor. The result is impressive, to […]

Madden 12, Need for Speed PSP Entertainment Pack Hits Shelves This August

With the domestic release of the PlayStation Vita still a ways out, Sony is positioning the PSP as its core portable focus this holiday season in North America. To that end, the company is releasing a PSP Entertainment Pack that […]

PlayStation Vita Gets FCC Approval

The elusive PlayStation Vita is now one step closer to reaching your hand, as FCC filings have revealed that the handheld has passed quality assurance testing. While Sony has been cagey on divulging a firm release date, it did say […]

Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo Inbound for Japan

A recent demonstration of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Type-0 at an Odaiba event will be released in demo form, Famitsu has revealed. No firm release date was provided, though it’s expected to drop ahead of the game’s scheduled October debut […]

Sony Details PlayStation Vita Online Modes, Cross Game Voice Chat Confirmed

The online experience on PSP left much to be desired. Sony is making it a priority with PlayStation Vita — which boasts four specific modes that streamline the online experience. The first, dubbed Near, is a “location-based gifting system” akin […]

Capcom Announces Hello Kitty X Street Fighter Merchandise Line

If you thought Capcom couldn’t top Street Fighter X Tekken, think again, as the company announced a Hello Kitty X Street Fighter merchandise line today. The unlikely mashup of Sanrio’s cutesy cartoon cat and Capcom’s brawling fighters debuts in fall 2012, […]

PSN Raises Over $1.5M In Japan Relief Effort

Sony rallied a sizable amount of support with its PSN-sponsored Japan relief fund, announcing today that it raised approximately $1.587 million combined across North America, Europe and Asia. The lion’s share of that figure goes to European territories, raising a […]

Sony To Ramp Up Indie Support With PS Vita

The console space has become increasingly more viable for small-budget indie studios with digital avenues like Xbox Live and PSN. With PS Vita, Sony hopes to rally even more support from indies, as it believes innovation will stifle if the barrier to […]

Tretton: No Timeframe On PS4, PS3 ‘Just Hitting Its Stride’

The recent Wii U announcement hasn’t pushed Sony to ramp up R&D efforts on its next hardware platform, nor have rumors spurring about a possible E3 2012 unveil for Microsoft’s next box. In fact, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack […]

wipEout 2048 Supports Cross Platform PS3-NGP Play, Runs 30 FPS

Pre-E3 coverage of Sony’s upcoming handheld — the NGP, Vita, whatever you’d like to call it — is beginning to trickle out. Eurogamer has written up a glowing preview of wipEout 2048, the latest installment in Sony’s hit futuristic racing […]

Sony: PS Store Will Return This Week

The return of the PlayStation Store is no longer a moving target, as Sony officially announced today that it will fully restore PSN services by the end of this week in North America, Europe, and certain parts of Asia. The […]