Habroxia Review: A Functional but Middling Retro Shmup

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Since the days of arcades, the shoot ’em up has managed to evolve in some really cool ways. Shooters like Galak-Z and Sine Mora implement unique gameplay elements that either change the way you think while playing or present you with different ways to play. Other times, they remain true to the classic shoot ’em up […]

Fracter Review: A Contemplative Puzzler to Play with the Lights Off

Reviewed on PC At first glance, Fracter conjures up memories of Limbo with its monochromatic visuals, heavy use of silhouettes and shadows, somber tone, and eerie imagery. When you actually get your hands on it, though, Fracter is actually a lot closer to Monument Valley. This is thanks to its intuitive puzzles and ambient design. Even though the game doesn’t […]

Metal Wolf Chaos XD Review: Save the US of A, Mr. President

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Video games are fun. Let’s remember that for just a sec. Back in 2004, Xbox owners in Japan were treated to a From Software game that’s nothing like what you would expect from the studio these days. Metal Wolf Chaos was fast, over-the-top, and hilarious. It’s since been enjoyed by larger audiences thanks to importing and […]

The Messenger: Picnic Panic Review: A Fast and Fun Side Quest

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 The Messenger is easily one of the best action games of the year. If you previously played through it and are looking for a reason to return to Sabotage Studio’s ninja-themed Metroidvania, you’re in store for a treat — a bite-sized treat, but a worthwhile one nonetheless. The Messenger: Picnic Panic is a free dose of […]

Wargroove Review: A Charming Display of Tactical Warfare

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 The moment you watch the anime-like opening cinematic in Wargroove, you know in you’re store for a grand quest. I was excited to play the Chucklefish-developed turn-based strategy game, and I figured there was no better time to do so than now that the game has landed on PlayStation 4. The game is a true joy […]

Streets of Rogue Review: A Delightful, Ultra-Violent Sandbox

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 There was a time when Grand Theft Auto wasn’t a sprawling landscape for you to deal out unhinged destruction, but rather a top-down, more-confined-yet-still-open-ended sandbox… for you to deal out unhinged destruction. Those were simpler times — not necessarily better than what we have now because the current GTA playground is a sheer joy to visit, […]

Rage 2 Review: Hey, the Shooting Is Fun!

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Rage 2 is a fun game. No, it’s a really fun game. I enjoyed it a lot. That is until I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong — I had a blast playing through the game, but there were those moments in between that were just — how do I put this eloquently? — kinda “blah.” Unfortunately, […]

Feather Review: Zen Sim

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 One of my favorite things about being a video game fan since my childhood is witnessing the medium grow and evolve. I’ve seen Mario and Bowser take their feud from the second dimension to the third and back again. I’ve played incredible titles that could easily cost $60 be released for free. And I’ve been able […]

Not a Review: Baba Is You — A New Way to Puzzle

This was originally conceived as a traditional score-based review of Baba Is You. But the more I played the game — the more the game played with me — I began realizing that a standard review with a score at the end didn’t make much sense in relation to what I wanted to say about Baba Is You. Maybe I’d […]

RICO Review: Nonsensical FPS Fun

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 RICO is a strange shooter. On the one hand, it looks like an early era PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 game. On the other hand, it plays like a late era PlayStation 2 or Xbox game. Oddly enough, that’s part of the game’s charm, and what you get is a game that feels more old than […]

The Messenger PS4 Review: Retro-Styled Action Refined

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 There’s no shortage of “holy crap” moments in Sabotage Studio’s The Messenger. The game, an homage to Ninja Gaiden and Metroid, as well as the 8-bit and 16-bit eras of gaming in general, frequently aims to surprise. Its devilish difficulty will challenge you, its charm will hypnotize you, and its gameplay will hook you. Throw in […]

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review: An Incredible Combat Experience

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. What a time to be alive! And now you’re dead. Damn. From Software may have taken a step back from the Souls series, but the Japanese studio certainly isn’t taking a break from creating completely invigorating, brutally challenging action games. Sekiro is more of what fans of the Souls games have come […]

Apex Legends Review: Battle Royale Taken to a Whole New Level

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 It’s been a little over a month since Apex Legends had its surprise launch, and I’m just now finding the time to write this review. Why is that? Well, to be quite honest, it’s because Apex Legends is a lot of fun, and I haven’t been able to stop playing long enough to sit down and […]

ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove Review: An Early 1990s Time Capsule

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 I still remember when the news got out that there was a new ToeJam & Earl game in the works. As someone who had never delved too deeply into the franchise, I was excited to see what this beloved cult classic series had to offer contemporary audiences. Here we are, several years after the initial announcement, […]

Iconoclasts Review: A Fun Time When You Skip the Story

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 and Vita Note: Iconoclasts launched digitally in January 2018. This review is meant to coincide with the game’s physical disc release this month, but it is a review of the digital version of the game. Iconoclasts is a very fun game… if you skip the story bits. It’s strange to me that I’m recommending a game […]

Below Review: Death and Discovery Await

Reviewed on PC The fine people at Capybara Games are known experimenters. The studio doesn’t stick to one genre when making games, which is why Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP is so different from Super Time Force. Released at the tail end of 2018, Below marks another shift for Capybara Games. Taking a little influence from The Legend of Zelda […]

Darksiders 3 Review: Presented by Dark Souls

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 For a long time, folks considered the Darksiders series the “M-rated Zelda.” This was due to the dungeon design, game flow, and special abilities. The series is back with its third installment, this time developed by Gunfire Games, and it has largely thrown the Zelda influence out the window. That’s not even remotely a bad thing, […]

Runner3 Review: Die to the Music

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 It’s crazy to think that it’s been five whole years since the release of Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. When that game launched in 2013, it quickly found a spot in my top favorites list. Runner2 was fast, fun, and colorful. Oh, and the music was incredible. Here we are five years later, and developer […]

Dead Cells Review: Beautiful Death

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Dead Cells is a beautiful game. It looks great. It sounds great. It plays great. Hell, playing it makes you feel great, too. Beauty aside, Dead Cells is also a vicious game, brutal to its very core and unrelenting. And yet, somehow, even despite its dastardly tactics, the game is welcoming — so much so that […]

Earthfall Review: An Enjoyable, Albeit Imperfect, Alien Invasion

Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Earthfall is a fun game. Earthfall is also a flawed game. It conjures up those fun vibes of cooperative games like Killing Floor 2 and Left 4 Dead, where the goal is to squad up with friends and survive against an onslaught of zombies. Well, they’re aliens in Earthfall, but whatever — they might as well […]