• 358 Achievements Earned
  • 18 Players Tracked
  • 40 Total Achievements
  • 781 Obtainable EXP
  • 6 100% Club

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Store Description

Enjoy 40 challenging caterpillar adventure levels with pixel art grafics.
Deft fingers and quick reactions are required. Sweaty neck guaranteed.

Game Features

  • The caterpillar can't jump on its own - find a way to complete platformer levels!
  • Bounce off the enemies to your advantage!
  • Use tubes to travel around the level.
  • Collect flowers, dodge bees, find the right path.
  • Wide variety of levels: both platformer skills AND logic are required.
"I am a little caterpillar. I live in a world where obstacles and enemies are waiting for me on the way to a blossoming meadow, where I will fly like a butterfly. I do not jump like a grasshopper, I can not swim like a fish and fly like a bird. But I am smart and can use the weaknesses of my enemies. Every water lily or pebble, every loophole will be my faithful helpers. The adventure begins. You can help the caterpillar to quickly turn into a butterfly."

If 40 levels are not enough, then the sequels are waiting for you!