• 79,365 Achievements Earned
  • 7,026 Players Tracked
  • 76 Total Achievements
  • 11,267 Obtainable EXP
  • 27 100% Club
Earned Date
  • Meet all of the characters at the party in one playthrough

    31.64% (23.7)
  • Complete Ashley's story and help her prank her sister!

    23.11% (26.0)
  • Get Ashley drunk and get her to start some trouble!

    23.88% (25.2)
  • Smooth talk your way to Ashley's affection without completing her story-line.

    20.62% (27.6)
  • Complete Rachael's story and win her affection

    23.00% (26.4)
  • Complete Katherine's story and help her get back at her boyfriend

    56.40% (21.1)
  • Get Vickie Vixen to show up at the party.

    34.94% (22.4)
  • Complete Vickie's story for a "hot" ending.

    23.16% (25.6)
  • Complete Amy's Scavenger Hunt path

    19.46% (29.6)
  • Amy

    Complete Amy's story and win her affection

    28.91% (24.1)
  • Avoid Frank’s AND Derek’s fists for at least a minute.

    18.86% (30.5)
  • Strip at the door, make your first impression to everyone in the nude

    21.02% (27.1)
  • Get on the "sh*t list" of every person of the opposite sex at the party. (Optional/Invite-only Characters not included.)

    14.25% (48.7)
  • Inspect at least 30 items in one play-through.

    32.85% (23.0)
  • Sweet talk your way into unlocking Madison's special social abilty

    66.75% (20.8)
  • Give Madison a few and see what happens when she takes on the persona of her favorite reality TV star.

    18.32% (31.5)
  • See what Stephanie REALLY thinks of her boss by completing her DnD.

    25.22% (24.8)
  • Help Stephanie discover her true calling in life.

    28.66% (24.5)
  • Show off your artistic skills and ruin a friendship to get a reward from Madison!

    32.96% (22.7)
  • Take the high road by not sleeping with Madison and experience the wonders of friendship with Derek.

    21.73% (26.7)
  • Experience a magical, non-violent, artistic moment with Frank.

    13.25% (52.0)
  • Outside of "Derek Smash!", get Patrick beaten up 5 times in one playthrough.

    32.00% (23.4)
  • Give Frank a concussion, then take advantage of the situation and free the booze!

    19.20% (30.0)
  • Get caught by another character in the middle of some sexy time!

    49.36% (21.4)
  • Experience a better life through chemistry, and shed six pounds at the same time! Thanks Laxapas!

    16.44% (44.7)
  • Politely listen to all of Patrick's epic back-story.

    41.72% (21.7)
  • Unlock Compubrah, learn about Patrick's businesses, and maybe, just maybe, stop a Skynet situation from playing out.

    15.31% (45.6)
  • Thow a dildo at it. Obviously. Do we have to tell you everything?

    40.15% (22.0)
  • Give Patrick Rachael's "Death Mix", and do what it takes to shut down his site!

    14.86% (46.6)
  • Get to the bottom of Patrick and Rachael's drama, and help Pat win her over!

    12.06% (53.1)
  • Provide a little inspiration, a bit of fitness guidance, and a nutritional treat to increase Leah's power level.

    8.48% (62.8)
  • Stoke the fires of rivalry within Brittney by giving her an extremely fishy gift.

    9.05% (58.8)
  • They're smarter than they look! Experience the Easter Egg ending of Lety's content.

    13.81% (49.8)
  • Complete the Opportunity "Viva La Lety".

    19.67% (28.4)
  • Reverse pickpocket an item into Patrick's pants during "Disrupt the Disruptor".

    13.66% (50.9)
  • Successfully interrupt Leah and Lety's conversation with a popper, from very long range.

    8.16% (64.2)
  • Defeat Frank 1 on 1 without any sparring or combat training.

    8.91% (60.1)
  • Help Leah bring the serpent to a swift end, and reap the rewards...

    11.74% (54.3)
  • Convince Leah to abandon her lawful ways...and survive!

    8.08% (67.0)
  • Punch Frank, Derek, and Patrick when they're not looking and not in combat, all in one playthrough.

    6.40% (163.6)
  • Peg Frank with a sex toy while he is dancing on the roof. Not peg...hit. You get it.

    8.08% (67.0)
  • Help the Game Grumps leave the party using the magic of virtual reality!

    7.47% (75.8)
  • Do the opposite of this, and get onto their noble steed! Yeehaw, and stuff.

    9.83% (55.5)
  • Watch the Game Grumps cause a scene 8 times in one playthrough. Don't forget to subscribe, thumbs up, rate me, updoot, etc...

    18.35% (31.5)
  • Get Frank to join the D-Club.

    7.14% (77.6)
  • Reach a... climactic moment with four ladies in one playthrough.

    14.73% (47.7)
  • Reach a... climactic moment with two men in one playthrough.

    6.70% (83.5)
  • Complete 'Memory Lane' and convince Derek you take your past as seriously as he does.

    8.82% (61.4)
  • Uncover the fate of Purgalicious and present the evidence to Derek.

    6.35% (172.7)
  • Really give Frank something to cherish...for instance, a fully naked picture of Katherine.

    6.72% (83.4)
  • Crush Frank's self-esteem and his notions about manhood to the point where he can't take it anymore! Buh bye, dude!

    4.31% (219.3)
  • For once, make love, not war with Frank.

    5.01% (207.6)
  • Liven up the scenery by getting three or more partygoers to enjoy the rest of the night while showing varying amounts of skin.

    9.49% (57.3)
  • Cumplete Vickie's "Good Guests Gone Bad" Opportunity with Vickie and another lover.

    7.60% (74.0)
  • Help Derek get back at Madison for subjecting him to all her mind games.

    2.35% (273.8)
  • Help Derek take the higher path, and instead of getting revenge on Madison, make a more wholesome choice.

    2.59% (259.0)
  • Can you give more to Brittney than just a boring old shirt? Take your relationship to new heights and find out!

    5.31% (196.5)
  • Help your gal pal Brittney out by fulfilling her request for a spare shirt.

    18.23% (43.7)
  • Get Brittney to realize who would really make her happy. Then, play wingwoman and help her score!

    6.89% (79.4)
  • Get Brittney to realize who would really make her happy. Then, see if she'll share a little bit of that pleasure with you.

    3.40% (245.0)
  • Fail the Doja Cat DLC before you even get her to the party.

    1.35% (430.2)
  • Catch drunk Amala red-handed with some hedge trimmers.

    1.21% (513.0)
  • Successfully pull off one of the greatest backyard concerts ever.

    1.39% (383.0)
  • Accidentally make Doja Cat go for a swim.

    1.49% (362.1)
  • Listen to the soothing sounds of nature, directly from Doja Cat.

    2.02% (289.5)
  • You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn't stop to think if you should... be wasting time with this.

    3.90% (231.8)
  • Grab your bucket, and with the exception of Doja Cat and the Game Grumps, try to turn every guest's face into a winter wonderland!

    0.74% (882.1)
  • Make the holidays merrier by hanging Nana's special mistletoe.

    1.32% (434.9)
  • Yeah I mean...you can, but why would you?

    19.71% (28.4)
  • Successfully unlock Brahd Mode on Compubrah.

    1.65% (342.4)
  • Solve the most convoluted Murder Mystery of all time.

    1.67% (323.7)
  • Discover the consequences of overheating.

    1.20% (515.0)
  • Get interrupted three times with Liz Katz and then let her get her claws in you.

    0.95% (664.0)
  • Rescue Liz Katz from the dryer of doom in the most romantic way possible.

    1.92% (306.1)
  • Really? You couldn't figure it out even with the hint? Is that your fault or ours?

    0.67% (926.0)
  • Share a few drinks with Liz Katz and become a third wheel in your own adventure.

    0.93% (670.9)