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  • 239 Obtainable EXP
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The Rockrose region has always been shrouded in an aura of mystery. Its trails were walked by hikers who claimed to have seen some figures crowned by a halo of light, but that is only part of the legend... Even so, there are those who have found in these lands a frequent place of pilgrimage and offering.

Kali Müller knew Rockrose like the back of her hand, she used to camp by the lake with her partner Illai and it was common to see her walking each of the trails. The last time she was seen was on the path leading to the lighthouse, where she used to sit and draw the unique figures of the shrines, fascinated by the local stories about miracles, strange symbols and unexplained medical recoveries.

Delve into Rockrose after her strange disappearance and find out if the legends are true...

Lapso: NIMBO is a short adventure as a prologue to the story of the main game. Some factors like performance, graphics, sfx, music,... are subject to improvement, so the final result in LAPSO could change. We hope you enjoy it.


  • Explore a small section of Rockrose and discover its secret locations.
  • Solve strange puzzles to get to the end of the adventure.
  • Immersive environment thanks to the use of 3D audio and a careful visual aspect (we recommend the use of headphones for a complete experience).
  • Different HRTF audio profiles to choose from to make your 3D audio experience unique
  • Use the new Unity3D High Definition Render Pipeline.