• 45,596 Trophies Earned
  • 3,620 Players Tracked
  • 26 Total Trophies
  • 5,472 Obtainable EXP
  • 1,275 Points
  • 459 Platinum Club
  • 459 100% Club

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Store Description

Every pitch. Every hit. Every win. Make your mark and Own The Show in MLB® The Show™ 22.
Edition includes:
- Full game.
- Five The Show packs.*
- 10K Stubs™.*

PS5 features:
- New Stadium Creator additions: build your dream ballpark with a streamlined user interface and enjoy night games in your stadium.
- Seamless performance: lose yourself in the moment with smooth, targeted 60fps gameplay.
- 4K resolution: experience the drama and excitement of gameday in crisp, dynamic 4K resolution.*
- Haptic feedback: feel the impact of every hit, catch and collision through the DualSense™ wireless controller’s immersive sensory feedback.
- Tempest 3D AudioTech: hear the roar of the crowd, shouts of your teammates and in-game sound effects in 360 degrees.

If you already own the PS4 digital version of this game, you can get the PS5 digital version for a discounted price.

*If you are upgrading from the PS4 Standard Edition digital version of this game, or if you are redeeming your digital PS5 Standard Edition game entitlement as part of your purchase of the physical MLB® The Show™ 22 MVP Edition, the Five The Show packs and 10K Stubs™ items are not included.