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It is a bit difficult to classify The USB Stick Found in the Grass as a game; it is more of a combination of a literary work and a forensic puzzle. If you liked A Normal Lost Phone or Her Story, you will probably like TUSFitG. You are given a virtual representation of a USB stick that was found at a scene of a possible crime and you play a police officer trying to solve a case with very limited information. You are not given any tools to do so, but you can use any tools you have on your computer. The USB Stick Found in the Grass is not subject to any intrinsic limitations on which the game is built. Quite the opposite: TUSFitG is as close to the real thing as possible. The USB drive you will be investigating is indistinguishable from a real one. The tools you will be using are real. If something looks like it can be checked, it can be checked. If something can't be checked, it wasn't our intention – it’s simply the result of a built-in technological limitation. Your job is to find what it is all about, if the stick is in any way related to what have happened and IF anything happened.

And remember: sometimes it is the journey that is more important than the destination!