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Wedding Designer is an adventurous simulator of an event agency for special tasks. Your task is to prepare non-obvious spots for various types of events, weddings, birthdays, disco parties or others. In Prologue, you will set up your first big party on the grounds of an old, ruined farm. Use the advantages of the terrain, objects and found items. Repair, clean and decorate according to customer's expectations and your own intuition.

Such a task is never easy, it may turn out that intruders will appear. You will have to deal with it.Search the area. Chase away intruders, clean up, repair, be sure to use tools.

Be creative. Create new items from things you find in the field, use them.

Repair things. You cannot avoid it, many items that may be useful are in poor condition.

Use tools. Some tasks will require the use of equipment or items.

Activate the intuition of a designer. Use your own or ready-made decorations and items.

Make Fun. Find hidden objects, activate the equipment, drive the tractor.