• 40,334 achievements earned
  • 90 Players Tracked
  • 500 Total achievements
  • 5,373 Obtainable EXP
  • 78 100% Club

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About the Game

What would you do if you lost your way in a forest, full of dangerous monsters? Run out from there! Our hero made the same choice and ran away. We only need to press a button that the kid didn’t please the monsters for dinner and would not die on the thorns.

Our main task is to jump over obstacles and run up to the finish line. It will be not easy to do this. All levels are divided into three categories of complexity. The first half of the way will be overcome by everyone, but the other levels will be a real test of your reaction and eye!


+ Colorful graphics
+ Simple operation.
+ 90+ levels.
+ 3 difficulty levels.
+ Incendiary soundtrack.
+ Dynamic and exciting gameplay.
+ 500 easy achievements.

P.S. Attention! The game is hardcore and can damage your psyche!