Sega Saturn Emulator Released For PSP

Homebrew developer SofiyaCat, best known for his work on PSPTube, has ported Sega Saturn emulator Yabause to the PSP. It requires a Sega Saturn bios to run (not included) and is only a proof of concept at this time, so do not expect games to run at playable frame rates. Download Yabause PSP NekoMiMi [SofiyaCat]

Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X Cheat Device

Homebrew developer Durka Durka Mahn has released a cheat device plugin for use with Capcom’s Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X on the PSP. The plugin is compatible with custom firmware 3.71 M33 and enables various in-game cheats, all of which are detailed in the release notes below. Version 1 Info: FlyMode – Allows you to easily fly around the level […]

PSPSIM v1.1.0

Homebrew developer Zx-81 has released an update to PSPSIM, a SamCoupe emulator for the PSP. SamCoupe is an 8-bit, Z80-based home computer released back in 1989 by Miles Gordon Technology. Version 1.1.0 features a number of improvements and additions, including support for 3.X kernel based firmware such as 3.71 M33, IR keyboard support, an speed limiter function, an option to […]

PSP7800 v1.1.0

Homebrew developer Zx-81 has released an update to PSP7800, an Atari 7800 console emulator for PSP ported from Greg Stanton’s ProSystem. New additions in version 1.1.0 include full IR keyboard support, thumbnail image support, an option to display FPS rate, additional CPU speed options, a speed limiter function, and a faster but less accurate sound emulation engine. What’s new in […]

StrmnNrmn Details Daedalus R14 Plans

With PSP N64 emulator Daedalus R13 now finished and released to the masses, developer StrmnNrmn has already begun to detail his plans for the next major Daedalus release. First and foremost, StrmnNrmn says the focus of R14 will be on increasing performance. The plan for R14 is to move audio decoding over to the Media Engine. What does that mean? […]

Custom Firmware Extender 1.92

Homebrew developer Cpasjuste has rolled out a minor update to his Custom Firmware Extender plugin, fixing two small bugs and adding an additional configuration parameter to the “cfe.config” file for disabling or enabling text transparency. Changelog: * Fixed a stupid bug with nethost in cfe_vsh that was causing to always connect to the computer IP address “” * Fixed a […]

Jurajstyk’s PSP Quake v1.0

Homebrew developer jurajstyk has released an updated Quake port for PSP, based on Peter Mackay and Chris Swindle’s PSP Quake. Jurajstyk’s port features a number of enhancements over the original PSP Quake release, such as MP3 playback, compatibility with 3.X kernel based firmware, and hardware rendering support.

PSPZX81 v1.1.0

Homebrew developer Zx-81 has released an update to PSPZX81, a Sinclair ZX-81 home computer emulator for the PSP ported from Russell Marks’ original XZ81 emulator. Version 1.1.0 introduces a number of new features and improvements, including IR keyboard support, compatibility with 3.X kernel based firmware such as 3.71 M33, a help menu, additional CPU speed options, as well as a […]

PReSS v0.1 – PSP RSS Reader

The Underminer has rolled out the initial release of PReSS, an enhanced RSS reader for the PSP. Unlike Sony’s built-in RSS reader, which currently only supports audio and video feeds, PReSS can read any standards-compliant feed containing images and text with ease. Moreover, PReSS is written for the 3.X kernel, so it works on any PSP running custom firmware. PReSS […]

Custom Firmware Extender 1.9

Cpasjuste has released an update to his Custom Firmware Extender, an all-in-one custom firmware plugin that allows users to take screenshots in the XMB or while playing a UMD game, capture in-game videos, access USB mass storage, and other various features. Changes in version 1.9 include compatibility with the recently released 3.71 M33-3 update, optimized memory usage, as well as […]

Carmack Wishes Homebrew On DS Was Officially Supported

Speaking in a recent interview, Doom creator John Carmack commented that he has had a great time working with the Nintendo DS to develop his first project for the platform — Orcs and Elves. Carmack called the DS the “most fun platform” that he has personally worked on, but noted that it’s a shame that Nintendo does not officially sanction […]

Dark_AleX Releases 3.71 M33-3

Dark_AleX has released 3.71 M33-3, a crucial update for all 3.71 M33 custom firmware users. Included in the new update is an updated build of popsloader, which allows users to run all versions of pops (the PSP PSone emulator) for increased compatibility. Additionally, the update features various changes and bug fixes, all of which are detailed in the changelog below: […]

PSP Filer 4.2

Homebrew developer Mediumgauge has released an update to PSP Filer, a versatile file management application designed for the PSP that allows users to easily edit, copy, delete, and transfer files to and from the memory stick and flash memory. Changes in Version 4.2 filer: – added a feature to access CSO archive file. (read-only) – fixed a bug that appeared […]

PSPIRC v1.1.0

Homebrew developer Zx-81 has released an update to PSPIRC, an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client designed for use with the PSP. For this release Zx has added numerous bug fixes, user flag display support, new interface graphics, and improved alias command support. The complete changelog, in detail, can be found below. What’s new in this version ? – New graphics […]

PSP Custom Firmware 3.72 HX-1

Spanish developer _HellDashX_ has released a new custom firmware based on Sony’s latest firmware update — 3.72. According to the author, all features from the previous M33 release have been left intact and minor code changes were made to support the 3.72 kernel. Reports from various users (including myself) have confirmed the release to be working. Installation (must be currently […]

fMSX PSP 3.4.5

Homebrew developer Uberjack has rolled out an update to fMSX PSP, an MSX series emulator for the PSP that supports both MSX and MSX2 cartridge files. Changes in this release include the ability to toggle MSXMUSIC and MSXAUDIO emulation on and off, an FDD activity indicator which displays an icon when the virtual floppy drive is busy, and an optional […]

Chilly Willy’s Doom PSP v1.3

Homebrew developer Chilly Willy has released an update to his Doom port for PSP. If you haven’t been following past releases, Chilly’s port is compatible with 3.X kernel based custom firmwares such as 3.71 M33 and features TV-Out support. Changes in version 1.3 include fully working infrastructure (network) support, as well as a revamped GUI. V1.3 released Networking is finally […]

CWCheat 0.1.9 Rev H

Homebrew developer weltall has rolled out an update to his popular PSP cheat hacking application known as CWCheat. Notably, changes in revision H include massive speed improvements under both fixed and diff search modes, a reduced module size, and increased thread priority. The complete changelog can be found below. 0.1.9 REV.H RELEASE – [ALL] increased priority from 0x64 to 0x32 […]

PSP GNU Chess v1.0.2

Homebrew developer Zx-81 has released an update to PSP GNU Chess, a port of the popular command line chess program GNU Chess. Changes in version 1.0.2 include an option to toggle difficulty, as well as various bug fixes and an undo and book feature. What’s new is this version? – Option to specify search depth (i.e: difficulty) – Add Undo […]

PSP Filer 4.1

Homebrew developer Mediumgauge has released an update to PSP Filer, a versatile file management application designed for the PSP that allows users to easily edit, copy, delete, and move files on the memory stick and flash memory. Notably, version 4.1 adds an option to save CPU speed settings, the ability to read compressed ZIP archives, support for LATIN1-1252 characters, and […]