E3 2013

Diablo III PS3 Hands-on Impressions (E3)

Having played Diablo III at PAX East earlier this year I was eager to get my hands on the game once again to see how the game has come along in the last few months. As a veteran Diablo player […]

Watch Dogs E3 2013 Preview: Hack Life

Up until recently, a lot of what we knew about Ubisoft’s upcoming espionage action-adventure game Watch Dogs was relegated to trailers and tiny tidbits of information revealed through interviews. At this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, however, the company gave […]

Virtuix’s Omni – First Impressions

On the final day of E3 I was lucky enough to get an appointment to check out Virtuix’s Omni, a recent Kickstarter project that has gotten the attention of the VR world rather quickly. Omni is a low-friction bowl-shaped platform […]

E3 2014 Show Date Announced

The Entertainment Software Association has revealed the official planned date for E3 2014. Next year’s event will take place beginning on June 10 and will go on until June 12. Like this year’s trade show, E3 will once again be […]

Tom Clancy’s The Division E3 2013 Preview: Beautiful Dystopia

At this year’s E3 Ubisoft announced a brand new project title Tom Clancy’s The Division. In development by Ubisoft Massive, the game is an online RPG with third-person shooter gameplay. It’s scheduled to launch for the Xbox One and PlayStation […]

Sonic Lost World E3 2013 Preview: A Bold New World

Sonic the Hedgehog has developed somewhat of a bad reputation for being the star of several not-so-great games. Over the past few years, however, Sega’s blue mascot has managed to be a part of some truly enjoyable titles including Sonic […]

Hey, Listen – A Story about Xbox One Demos

Over the past 24 hours a lot of information has been flying around that suggested Xbox One demos were running on high-end PC hardware. That “information” was actually just a single picture, seen here. The picture showed a LocoCycle demo […]

Flower on Vita E3 2013 Preview: A Beautifully Personal Experience

During my time at E3, one of the places I spent a lot of time at was the IndieCade booth. There were a number of games on display, and the one I got started with was Flower on the Vita. […]

The Evil Within E3 2013 Preview: A Terrifying Return To Classic Survival Horror

Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within was one of the most dark and disturbing titles on showcase at E3 this year. The game is billed as a return to pure survival horror, and early impressions of a hands-off demonstration indicate it […]

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 E3 2013 Hands-on Preview

Mercury Steam’s first entry into the Castlevania series Lords of Shadow was a well-received hit, and the upcoming follow-up Lords of Shadow 2 looks to repeat that success. Based on my hands-on time with it at E3, Lords of Shadow […]

Possible PS4 + Vita Bundle In the Works

When playing a demo of Killzone: Mercenary (more on that later this week), I spent some time talking with a Sony representative about the state of the game and the PS Vita in general. In our talk I asked about a […]

Crash Reveals PS4 HDD Details and Streaming?

Within the first 10 minutes of the doors being opened at E3, a game had already crashed. That game was none other than the PS4 exclusive Knack. While being played at the Sony booth, the game crashed mid-game to reveal an interesting […]

Tom Clancy’s The Division Announced

One of the few surprises Ubisoft had in store for us yesterday was the announcement of a brand new title, Tom Clancy’s The Division. The game takes place 3 weeks after a deadly pandemic hit New York on Black Friday. Like […]

Mirrors Edge Getting a Reboot

At Electronic Art’s press conference yesterday it was revealed that a new Mirrors Edge game is currently in development. Other than a short look at what the game engine can do and a release date of “when it is done,” we […]

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Becomes FFXV

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has, with the blink of an eye, transformed into Final Fantasy XV. Only the name seems to have changed, with the game staying the same as when we last saw it. The “new” entry in the long line […]

PS4 Includes 500GB Hard Drive, DualShock 4 Is $60

A tidbit that went unmentioned at Sony’s press conference was the size of the internal hard drive in PS4. That’s now confirmed to be 500GB according to an SCEI press release that just hit the wires. It’s good to hear […]

Sony Prices PS4 At $399

Sony definitely didn’t shy away from taking jabs at Microsoft during its E3 press conference, and the big one was the price of PS4 hardware. It’ll set you back only $399, $100 less than the Xbox One. We’ll say this: […]

Ready At Dawn’s The Order Announced

Sony lifted the curtain on Ready At Dawn’s long-rumored console project this evening at its annual E3 conference, and not surprisingly, it’s for PS4. The trailer was rather brief, but indicates a steampunk setting as evidenced by some of the […]

Here’s What the PS4 Looks Like

Tonight at Sony’s E3 2013 press conference the actual PS4 console was revealed for the first time. It bares some resemblence to the Xbox One with it’s gloss / matte top but the similarities stop there. The PlayStation 4 looks […]

Microsoft’s E3 2013 Presser – All You Need to Know

Microsoft’s annual E3 press conference just concluded earlier, revealing a ton of exclusive titles that are coming to the Xbox One. As promised it was all about the games this time around. Probably the biggest piece of news comes in […]