PSP, PS3, and PS4 Firmware Updates

PS4 Firmware 1.52 Due Shortly

Update: The firmware is now live. Here’s a download link if you’d prefer to install manually. Sony’s announced via its Twitter feed that PS4 firmware 1.52 is arriving “soon.” The minor update includes system stability improvements. Sound familiar? Yeah, we thought so. Nothing too exciting to say the least. At any rate, it’ll likely be a mandatory update just like […]

PS Vita Firmware 3.01 Out for Download

Sony’s quietly released PS Vita firmware 3.01, a minor update that aims to improve system stability. Beyond that, there are seemingly no other changes. It’s available now for download on Network Update. We’ve included a manual install link below. It’s worth noting that the update does appear to be mandatory – accessing the PlayStation Store, or any other areas walled […]

PS4 Firmware 1.51 Incoming, Promises UI Refinements and Improved Stability

It’s only been a week since the PS4 hit store shelves in North America and wouldn’t you know it, Sony is already churning out a new firmware update. Due out later tonight, PS4 firmware 1.51 is a mandatory update that aims to improve stability of system software. Additionally, “minor refinements” to elements of the system UI have been made, specifically […]

PS Vita Firmware 3.00 Out Now for Download

In prep for the impending PS4 launch, Sony’s released PS Vita firmware 3.00. It’s out for download on Network Update now, bringing with it some significant changes and features. Of note is PS4 Link, which has been added a built-in app on the Vita home screen. This application allows users to remotely control a PS4 system and play select PS4 titles […]

PS4 Getting Day One Firmware 1.50 Update

Those invested in the PlayStation ecosystem are no stranger to firmware updates, and much like the PS3 and PS Vita before it, the PS4 will be receiving a day one update alongside retail availability of the hardware on November 15. Judging from the list of changes, it’ll likely be mandatory. Notable features include support for Remote Play, as well the […]

PS3 Firmware 4.50 Launching Today, Brings Trophy Privacy to All

Update: Firmware 4.50 is now live on Network Update. Here’s a direct link if you’d prefer to download and install manually. Sony’s announced that PS3 firmware 4.50 will arrive later today, bringing with it the ability to hide your trophies on PS3. This is something we mentioned was coming awhile back, and it was first implemented on PS Vita a […]

PS Vita Firmware 2.61 Coming Soon, Improves System Stability

Update: Firmware 2.61 is now live on Network Update. Sony’s announced that it plans to release PS Vita firmware 2.61 “soon.”  As usual, the changelog is light on details, only mentioning that it’ll “improve system stability.” Expect the update to go live later tonight or tomorrow. The previous update — firmware 2.60 — brought with it usability enhancements, and the […]

PS Vita Firmware 2.60 Out for Download

Sony’s released a new firmware update for the PS Vita, bumping up the version count to 2.60. The changelog is detailed below: * You can now easily upload and download your saved data using online storage. Select the PlayStation Plus icon on the LiveArea screen for each application. * Some items have been added to the menu that appears when you […]

PS3 Firmware 4.46 Out for Download, Remedies Soft Brick Issues

Was your PS3 one of the casualties brought upon by the bug-ridden firmware 4.45? Fret not, as promised, Sony has released a new update to remedy those issues. Firmware 4.46 is now available for download and can be applied on units that were soft-bricked by the earlier update using a special technique. Over on the official PlayStation support website, Sony […]

Sony Rectifying PS3 Firmware 4.45 Brick Issues With New Update

When firmware 4.45 for PS3 arrived earlier this week, an unusual amount of reports were coming in claiming the update was bricking PS3 consoles. It turns out that Sony has indeed identified there is an issue after promptly pulling the firmware from PSN the night it was released. “Hi guys, we have identified the issue related to PS3 software update […]

PS3 Firmware 4.45 Inbound, Promises Trophy Notification Options

Update #2: Sony has since pulled the firmware amid numerous reports of this update rendering PS3 units inoperable (aka brick). No word on the possible cause. We’ll keep you posted as more news comes in. For now, if you’ve already downloaded the firmware, it’s advisable to hold off on installing and stay on 4.41. Update: PS3 firmware 4.45 is now […]

PS3 Firmware 4.41 Out for Download Soon

Update: PS3 firmware 4.41 is now live on Network Update. Download it here. Sony has taken to Twitter to announce that PS3 firmware 4.41 will be available shortly. As you’d expect, this software update is nothing more than a blip on the radar. The usual (and vague) “improving system stability” is listed as the only change. While bug fixes and […]

PS3 Firmware 4.40 Out for Download Now

If you happen to boot up your PS3 right now, you’ll be greeted with a prompt to update to firmware 4.40. A required update, there’s no changelog supplied and nothing appears to be different from the previous firmware at first glance. Still, time to comb around and see if there’s any hidden features lurking within. Download link is below for those […]

PS Vita Firmware 2.06 Out for Download Soon, Improves System Stability

Update: PS Vita firmware 2.06 is live! Manual download is here. It’s been more than a month since the last firmware update for PS Vita, and wouldn’t you know it – Sony is following that up with yet another maintenance update — firmware 2.06. The official word from Sony via Twitter is that it’ll “improve system software stability for some […]

PS Vita Firmware 2.05 Coming Soon, Improves System Software Stability

Update: Firmware 2.05 is now available. You can grab it from Network Update as usual or the link below. It appears another uneventful firmware update is en route to the PS Vita, as the official PlayStation site is listing the changelog for PS Vita firmware 2.05. What’s new? According to Sony, “system software stability during use of some features has […]

PS Vita Firmware 2.02 Out Now

For those that happen to fire up Network Update today, you’ll be greeted with yet another PS Vita firmware update. Firmware 2.02 is merely a optional maintenance update that “improves software stability during use of some features.” As usual, Sony’s vague explanation isn’t very helpful in determining what this update actually does. In any case, being an optional update, we’d assume it’s safe to ignore […]

PSA: PS Vita Firmware 2.01 Goes Live

Last week, we reported that Sony was ironing out bugs found in the 2.00 update for PS Vita. Notably, the PS Plus driven cloud saving functionality wasn’t working properly. As promised, Sony’s since released a fix — in the form of firmware 2.01. Not surprisingly, there appear to be no other noteworthy changes. In fact, nothing is mentioned in the […]

Sony Readies PS Vita Firmware 2.01 to Fix Cloud Saving

Sony’s announced that it has identified a minor bug in the recently released PS Vita firmware 2.00, which causes the automatic save upload functionality to fail. Only PS Plus subscribers can access this feature. To remedy the situation, Sony says it is releasing a new firmware update “as soon as possible.” That means we can presumably look forward to firmware […]

Sony Fights Back, Unleashes Banhammer On PS3 CFW Users

It should go without saying, but those running a custom firmware on PS3 should exercise caution before connecting to PSN. Sony has issued a warning that it has begun banning accounts and console IDs tied to modding activities. In fact, CFW users as well as those running applications that bypass certain PSN authentication checks like “F*ckPSN” are already receiving the boot. […]

PS Vita Firmware 2.00 Brings PS Plus Support

Sony’s announced that PS Vita firmware 2.00 is due out next week on November 19 and with it comes the inclusion of PlayStation Plus support. The initial lineup in North America will include a bevy of free games as part of Sony’s “Instant Game Collection” incentive, featuring Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Jet Set Radio HD, WipEout 2048, Gravity Rush, Tales From […]