Firmware Updates

PS3 Firmware 3.56 Causing HDD Upgrade Woes

Looks like a hotfix may be in order for Sony’s recently-issued PS3 firmware 3.56. Although merely a ‘security patch,’ users on various sites such as NeoGAF and HighDefForum are reporting that they can no longer swap the internal HDD for […]

PS3 Firmware 3.56 Is A Security Update

Sony has quietly released PS3 firmware 3.56, a minor update that adds a “security patch.” Vagueness aside, there’s little doubt this comes in response to the recent wave of PS3 hacking efforts which have resulted in several custom firmware variants. […]

Downgrader (6.31/6.35 to 6.20) Released

It looks like Davee has maintained his word of a new downgrader even though the PSP’s signing keys were released. The new downgrader will take your PSP running 6.31 or 6.35 firmware to the earlier 6.20 firmware, which is HEN-capable. […]

PSP Firmware 6.37 Detailed

Update: It’s out. Ahead of the PSP2’s unveiling next week, Sony is giving the original PSP a dose of firmware lovin’. According to a recent PlayStation Blog post, PSP firmware 6.37 is due out ‘soon.’ It aims to “improve system […]

Sony Files Lawsuit Over PS3 Hacks, Names Geohot, Fail0verflow Team

Sony’s legal suits are at it again, filing a lawsuit against famed hacker George “Geohot” Hotz and the fail0verflow team. Along with Hotz, it specifically names Hector Martin and Sven Peter, both of whom gave a revealing presentation on Sony’s […]

Sony Readies Firmware Updates To Combat PS3 Hacks

While the PS3’s security has been blown wide open as a result of recent hacking efforts, that isn’t stopping Sony from fighting the good fight. In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, a Sony spokesperson claims that a series of […]

Davee Downgrades PSPgo from 6.31 to 6.20

We interrupt your holiday celebrations to give you something else to celebrate about. Davee, famous for his work on ChickHEN, just tweeted that he has successfully downgraded his PSPgo from firmware 6.31 to 6.20. When asked the share more details […]

PSP Firmware 6.35 HBL Surfaces, Exploits Minna no Sukkiri Demo

Another demo has led to the discovery of a PSP exploit, this time on firmware 6.35. We’ve received word that hacker Jeerum has uncovered a user-mode exploit that takes advantage of a vulnerability in a Japanese demo known as Minna […]

PS3 Downgrade Method Breaks Blu-Ray Playback

It seems that early adopters of the PS3 downgrader are experiencing issues with Blu-ray playback on their consoles. According to Mathieulh, the reason this happens is because some files are replaced with those from a debug unit which do not […]

PS3 Firmware 3.55 Out Now, Patches Security Hole

Surprise: amid the recent release of PS Downgrade along with rumors that a jailbreak solution for PS3 firmware 3.50 will soon surface, Sony doles out firmware 3.55. It’s a minor update that adds a mere “security patch.” These recent developments […]

MadCatz Downplays Firmware 3.50 USB Issues, Offers Replacement To Affected Customers

In an effort to quell concerns, peripheral manufacture MadCatz has issued a statement in response to woes over incompatibilities with certain third-party USB devices in firmware 3.50. MadCatz assures that all its products from 2008 onward should be immune to […]

Sony Warns of ‘Exploding’ Unlicensed Controllers, USB Device Compatibility Takes A Hit In Firmware 3.50

In a recently published consumer alert, Sony has issued a terse warning over the usage of unlicensed or counterfeit PS3 wireless controllers, bringing into question the “quality, reliability and safety” of these devices. Unspecified variants of third-party controllers may not […]

PS3 Firmware 3.50 Goes Live

Update: As promised, firmware 3.50 has gone live! Grab it from our download section or via Network Update. Take caution, however: like 3.42 before it, this update renders all PSJailbreak variants inoperable. Additionally, to complement its release, the US PS […]

JaiCraB’s USB Firmware Loader Released for PS3

Progress is being made at an amazing pace in the PS3 scene! Developer JaiCraB has released a USB firmware loader application that can load an ENTIRE firmware direct from USB. Reminds us of the good ‘ol DevHook days back on […]

PS3 Firmware 3.50 Adds 3D Blu-ray Support, Due Out September 21

Sony just announced via its PS Blog that firmware 3.50 for PS3 will go live on September 21, giving PS3 owners the ability to playback 3D content on supported Blu-ray discs. Stereoscopic 3D support for games went live in firmware […]

PS2 Backwards Compatibility Device Patent Filed By Sony Japan

Sony may be responding to cries for PS2 backwards compatibility — which was removed from later PS3 units — in a slightly unorthodox way. A recent patent dug up by the information sleuths over at Siliconera reveals that Sony is […]

Nintendo Unloads DSi Firmware 1.4.1U, Attempts To Block Flashcarts

In Nintendo’s seemingly eternal battle against flashcart users and freeloading pirates, the company has released firmware 1.4.1U for the DSi. The official changelog contains nothing but a blurb that vaguely mentions “behind-the-scenes improvements” in regards to system stability. Under that […]

PS3 Firmware 3.42 Hits Network Update

Update: We can confirm that all variants of the USB-hub emulating exploit (PSFreedom, PSGroove, PSJailbreak) are no longer functional in firmware 3.42. We’ve just been informed that PS3 firmware 3.42 has hit Network Update. Although Sony usually updates its blog […]

PS Jailbreak Retailers Hit With Injunction

As one would expect, Sony has not taken kindly to the recent announcement of the PS Jailbreak, filing a temporary injunction to prevent any sale of the device across Australian retailers.

PS3 Firmware 3.40 Now Live, PSP 6.30 To Follow

Update: Time to head on over to Network Update once again folks. PSP firmware 6.30 has gone live. It’s a firmware bonanza: as Sony promised, PS3 firmware 3.40 is now live. The availability of 6.30 for PSP will follow shortly. Both […]