Recovery Flasher v1.50

Homebrew developer Hellcat has released an update to Recovery Flasher, a multi-purpose utility that allows users to perform various maintenance tasks on their PSP, from restoring flash-based content (PS Store license data, theme files) to fully re-installing 3.71, 4.01, or 5.00 M33-4 firmware without the need of a Pandora battery. Version 1.50 introduces several major changes in functionality, including a […]

SMS Plus v1.2.5

Homebrew developer Uberjack returns with an update to SMS Plus for PSP, which seamlessly doubles as a Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator. The latest release, version 1.2.5, features several enhancements, including rapid fire capabilities and support for taking direct-feed snapshots within the file browser. Additionally, when switching between games, the most recent save state will now be automatically […]

Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-4 Released

As promised, PSP homebrew developer Dark_AleX has released the 5.00 M33-4 firmware update. Various bug fixes are included and a new shutdown function has been added to the VSH menu. All users of 5.00 M33 series firmware are recommended to apply this update. The complete changelog can be found after the break.

5.00 M33-4 Update Incoming, New Features Promised

Alek has informed us that 5.00 M33-4, the latest edition of Dark_AleX’s M33 custom firmware series, will be released within the next few days. Alongside the usual round of bugfixes, a host of new features are planned for the update. Details are being kept under wraps for now but stayed tuned to Dark-AleX.org and eXophase.com for the latest updates as […]

TweakDisplay for PSP v0.7.729

Homebrew developer Mr305 has released TweakDisplay, a lightweight yet feature-packed custom firmware plugin that allows users to personalize and bring a new level of excitement to their PSP experience with dazzling visual effects. With the touch of a button, users can invert colors, adjust brightness and contrast settings, as well as enable a mirror filter that duplicates any image on-screen […]

PSP Filer 5.7

Homebrew developer Mediumgauge has released an update to PSP Filer, a powerful yet simplistic file management application designed for the PSP. By using PSP Filer, users can easily edit, copy, delete, and transfer files on the memory stick and flash memory. Version 5.7 fixes a bug that caused a crashed when accessing the UMD device, as well as a feature […]

StrmnNrmn Returns, Joins DaedalusX64 Team

As what should come as a delightful surprise to many, developer StrmnNrmn has joined the ranks of the DaedalusX64 team, an open-source effort aimed at delivering an efficient Nintendo 64 emulator for PSP. According to project lead Kreationz, StrmnNrmn has been quietly working on an updated port of the emulator in his spare time, and now with a public beta […]

Dark_AleX Issues Clarification Regarding PSN-M33 Privacy Concerns

Lately there has been confusion, or rather paranoia, over the collection of statistics showing how many custom firmware users have connected to the PlayStation Network. Certain sites jumped to conclusions and began speculating that M33 was collecting personal data, which of course is not true at all. Tired of these reports, Dark_AleX cleared up these concerns in a statement today, […]

Deal: SanDisk 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo for $15

In the market of buying extra memory for your PSP? In need extra space for homebrew applications and PSN downloads? Look no further! As part of their annual Black Friday sale, Office Depot will be selling a SanDisk brand 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo priced at a mere $15 dollars on November 28. This is by far the cheapest price […]

TA-088 v3 Security Nearly Defeated, IPL Signature Forged

As the above headline clearly reads, the security preventing homebrew code from running on TA-088 v3 PSP units has nearly been defeated. Dark-AleX.org administrator Alek sends word that developer “Brokencodes” has managed to forge a portion of the IPL signature block. Technical details aside, this achievement marks a significant victory for the homebrew scene and could very well lead to […]

PSARDumper With PSP-3000 Module Decryption

Dark_AleX has released an updated version of PSARDumper, a utility designed to aid homebrew developers in the extraction of PSP firmware resources. This particular build adds support for the extraction of modules specific to the PSP-3000 for further research, no thanks to the money-hungry fools over at Datel. To quote AleX himself: Firstly, to avoid misunderstanding: This program is NOT […]

Rumor: Datel Touts PSP-3000 Hack

According to a report stemming from one heavily Datel-sponsored website, the aforementioned code-pilfering peripheral maker has succeeded in accessing service mode on the PSP-3000. It was previously reported that the Pandora exploit did not work on the 3000 units due to various hardware-level changes, but Datel reckons they’ve discovered a workaround with the help of an all-new battery product, which […]

Squarez Puzzle

FrozenIpaq has released Squarez: Puzzle, a PSP homebrew effort developed by Socals. Intended to be included in a later release of Squarez, the project was passed along to beta testers but never saw the light of day as an official release. Until now, that is. In Squarez Puzzle, players are tasked with moving a series a blocks in order to […]

Lockdown In-Game v1.1 – Suspend Mode Protection

Developer Torch, the notable maker of popular PSP utilities such as the Hold+ plugin and Lockdown, is back with an update to Lockdown’s sibling known as Lockdown In-Game. This plugin for PSP custom firmware allows for password protecting your game session when using suspend mode; upon resuming the session you will be required to enter the password of your choosing. […]

Wii System Menu 3.4 Hits, Blocks Homebrew Access

Just like that, Nintendo has rolled out yet another Wii System Menu update. This is a required update to maintain Shop Channel access that features enhanced parental controls, USB keyboard support for Mii Channel, and vague system function improvements. What the changelog fails to mention, and understandably so, is that the ability to run homebrew applications has once again been […]

iR Shell 4.8

Following a riveting comeback earlier last week, homebrew developer AhMan today released an update to his popular multi-purpose PSP shell replacement, iR Shell. The full changelog can be found past the break, detailing various bug fixes as well as enhancements aimed at making use of the extra memory found in PSP Slim units.

APPSwitcher for PSP v1.1

Following the initial release made last week, developer MK2k returns with an update to custom firmware plugin APPSwitcher. For the uninitiated, APPSwitcher allows users to easily categorize homebrew in separate directories rather than by dumping everything in the Game folder. You can switch between each category while in the XMB by holding the right shoulder button and d-pad. In addition […]

iR Shell 4.7: 5.00 M33 Compatibility, Revamped iR Sensor

As promised, iR Shell 4.7 is here, bringing with it much-requested compatibility with 5.00 M33 series firmware. Developer AhMan notes that the infrared sensor feature has been revamped for ease of use, no longer requiring the installation of specific pronto codes. Additionally, compatibility with UMD titles over NetHostFS operating mode has been enhanced and it is now possible to directly […]

iR Shell for 5.00 M33 In Development

Things have been relatively quiet as of late on the PSP homebrew front following the release of Dark_AleX’s latest, but that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening behind the scenes. Well-known iR Shell developer AhMan today revealed that a 5.00 M33 series compatible build of his widely used multi-purpose shell replacement will be available for public consumption in the near […]

APPSwitcher for PSP

Is your PSP’s Game folder slowly becoming clogged up with too many applications? Developer MK2k comes to the rescue with a handy utility dubbed APPSwitcher, which allows users to easily categorize homebrew and switch between each category on-the-fly by holding the right shoulder button and d-pad. Genius! APPSwitcher provides an easy to use mechanism to let the user put his […]