PSP Filer 6.0

Homebrew developer Mediumgauge has released an update to his feature-packed file management application PSP Filer, bringing it up to version 6.0. Numerous bug fixes are included in the latest build, in addition to support for displaying individual file sizes in gigabytes (GB). Full changelog is after the jump.

Downloads Section Launched

Today we’re announcing the arrival of the eXophase.com Downloads section, a centralized database for homebrew, game demos, and themes. It *is* still in beta, so expect new features to be added over time. Check it out by hitting up the link below. And as always, any comments or suggestions are welcome! eXophase.com Downloads

Asterz Version 1.1

After a few tip offs by some fellow Asterz users, as well as some extensive bug testing done by me, I’ve come across several bugs present in the recently released Version 1 of Asterz. So naturally, after squashing these bugs, and even adding a new useful feature, Asterz Version 1.1 is now out for you guys to download. Asterz is […]

Official Asterz Version 1 Released

You wanted it? You got it! As the article’s title suggests, the first official version of Asterz, a PSP homebrew game, is being formally released with exclusive rights given to your favourite gaming website MforMature.net! The support given to me by MforMature has far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined. Without the continued input and support given to me […]

PSP Filer 5.9

Homebrew developer Mediumgauge has released an update to PSP Filer, a powerful yet simplistic file management application designed for the PSP. By using PSP Filer, users can easily edit, copy, delete, and transfer files on the memory stick and flash memory. Version 5.9 now uses Sony’s built-in OSK for text input. As usual, the complete changelog can be found past […]

LEDA 0.2 – Legacy Software Loader for PSP

Developer Dark_AleX returns with an update to LEDA, now offering vastly improved compatibility. For those that missed the initial release, here’s a recap: LEDA is a legacy software loader that allows users to run 1.5 kernel based homebrew applications on their Slim or Phat PSP unit. Alex warns that certain plugins, such as the recently released CFW Folder Blocker, may […]

PSP CFW Folder Blocker v1.0

Homebrew developer Torch has released a new plugin designed to hide folders essential to custom firmware on the Memory Stick.  When enabled, Folder Blocker hides the directories “seplugins” and “ISO” while in GAME mode to prevent certain applications or recent UMD disc games (e.g. DJ Max) from modifying them. As always, for installation and usage instructions, refer to the included […]

LEDA 0.1 – Legacy Software Loader for PSP

For those growing tired of installing the 1.5 kernel add-on for each new M33 release, developer Dark_AleX has a solution: LEDA. A legacy software loader, LEDA integrates with M33 firmware to allow for the loading of 1.5 kernel based homebrew applications. As a bonus, it even works on Slim units. Keep in mind that LEDA is still in its beta […]

iR Shell 4.9

Homebrew developer AhMan has issued an update to iR Shell, a multi-purpose shell replacement for PSP. Primarily focused on expanding the application’s already robust feature set, this release introduces support for running PlayStation Network titles within the confines of iR Shell. Additionally, when iR Shell is active, users can now disable MagicGate protection for speeding up access times on non-MG […]

Wolfenstein3D v5.2 Beta: Bug Fixes Ahoy

After a brief hiatus, homebrew developer Zack returns with an update to his Wolfenstein3D PSP port. Changes made in this release are primarily focused on bug fixes, all of which are conveniently outlined below: * Analog Input Speed Issue Fixed. * Fixed Incorrect Exit Messages. * Fixed DeathCam & Death Screen. The Screen Fills Red When You Die Now. The […]

PSP Filer 5.8

Homebrew developer Mediumgauge has released an update to PSP Filer, a powerful yet simplistic file management application designed for the PSP. By using PSP Filer, users can easily edit, copy, delete, and transfer files on the memory stick and flash memory. In addition to various bug fixes, version 5.8 adds Swedish language support and a feature to ignore analog pad […]

Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-6

Homebrew developer Dark_AleX today released the 5.00 M33-6 firmware update. This update attempts to the fix the low-speed Memory Stick issue that has been problematic for certain users since the release of 3.71 firmware. The included file fat_comparison.html provides a chart comparing the speed of each MS driver and shows that read times increase significantly with the speed fix enabled. […]

Hold+ v3.6

Homebrew developer Torch has issued an update to Hold+, a custom firmware plugin for PSP designed to save on battery life. When enabled, it turns off the LCD backlight and reduces CPU clock whenever the Hold switch is engaged, while still allowing critical keys to be pressed for music playback and XMB navigation. As soon as the switch is flipped […]

Clip: Unreleased HEN Running on PSP-3000

Update: Not surprisingly, it has come to light that the real author of the kernel exploit used in the video is joek, a member of team C+D. French developer and GEN author Miriam used code received from Dark_AleX in an underhand attempt to gain fame. Hopefully, a public apology will be made. Mere days following the discovery of a usermode […]

Noobz teams up with MaTiAz and FreePlay to bring you eLoader for GripShift exploit

All the recent hard work (which we covered here) by MaTiAz and FreePlay has managed to grab the attention of some of the bigwigs in the PSP Scene. To put it in their words the people at Noobz “saw the bat-signal calling for ‘someone who has experience in progressing exploits’ to help out with developing this one further” and they […]

LightMP3 v2.0.0 RC1

Homebrew developer Sakya has returned with a long-awaited update to his battery-saving media player LightMP3. Build RC1 aims to extend the capabilities of this already feature-rich application, with the ability to sort Media Library records, support for Unicode characters in filenames, and minor visual tweaks on the interface side. Additionally, various bug fixes have been made. As usual, the complete […]

New GripShift Savegame Exploit – Hello World + SDK

A few days ago, well known PSP developer MaTiAz discovered a new savegame exploit in the game GripShift on the PSP. Working together with another well known developer named FreePlay, they have managed to put together a Hello World and an SDK so that other developers can write programs specifically made to work with this exploit. Unfortunately, so far this […]

Xplora 1.8

Resident developer ne0h has released an update to Xplora, a feature packed all-in-one file management utility for the PSP. Notably, build version 1.8 includes a feature-complete text editor, along with the ability to sort homebrew applications and games located on the Memory Stick. Other enhancements consist of support for OGG Vorbis format audio files, and several minor interface tweaks. For […]

TxtoPS II Text Editor for PSP

Homebrew developer dangee has released TxtoPS II, a simple text editor for PSP. Developed with reliability and responsiveness in mind, the Notepad-like initial release sports a built-in OSK that allows users to search for strings within text files, jump to a specific line, and change page layout. Files can be viewed and edited directly on the PSP’s Memory Stick. Additionally, […]

Despertar del Cementerio “Universal Unbricker” v8

Homebrew developer Dark_AleX has updated his Despertar del Cementerio “Universal Unbricker” application to version 7. As with previous releases, the unbricker can be used in conjunction with a Pandora battery to restore and install custom firmware on any PSP unit regardless of model or motherboard, still excluding the TA-88 v3 and PSP-3000 units.