PSPgo Save Game Exploit Released, Sony Swiftly Responds

Over this past weekend developer FreePlay released the save game exploit for the PSPgo he showcased last month. Based largely on code from team Prometheus, it is compatible with firmware 6.10 and takes advantage of a user mode vulnerability in Archer Maclean’s Mercury. We’ve tested it on our unit and it works exactly as you’d expect. However, Sony removed the […]

AutoStart v5.3

Homebrew developer Roe-ur-boat has released an update to AutoStart PRX, a custom firmware plugin that allows users to launch any application or game by binding it to a button combination of their choosing. The included configuration file supports to up 10 entries. Additionally, an optional configuration parameter enables users to specify a auto launch entry when no buttons are pressed. […]

Clip: PSPgo Fully Hacked, Running HEN

Neon of Team Typoon, the same team responsible for bringing homebrew to the masses on PSP-3000 has released a brief video that demonstrates the possibilities of HEN (short for Homebrew Enabler) on a PSPgo unit in a custom firmware esque environment. Genesis emulator PicoDrive is shown running Sonic through the go’s savestate-like Resume Game feature, which can continue play sessions […]

PReSS v0.41 – Portable RSS Reader For PSP

After a lengthy hiatus, homebrew developer The Underminer has returned with a minor update to PReSS, a standards compliant image and text based RSS reader for the PSP, sporting a variety of secondary features such as MP3 playback and the ability to download MP4 and AVC files directly from supported feeds. Version 0.41 incorporates various bug fixes, notably fixing a […]

Game Categories v9.0: Organize Homebrew On PSP

Homebrew developer Bubbletune has rolled out an update to custom firmware plugin Game Categories. Featuring three separate modes to display content, which can be toggled on-the-fly, it allows users to tidy up their PSP’s GAME folder through means of organization by easily categorizing applications and games. Version 9.0 adds an additional display mode, dubbed “Content Browser.” When selected, this mode […]

SNES9X Euphoria R2.1

Hot off the heels of his initial release, homebrew developer Zack is back with an update to his performance-tuned SNES emulator SNES9X Euphoria. In addition to resolving compatibility issues with GEN firmware, build R2.1 is focused largely on bug fixes and code cleanup, which Zack notes may have resulted in a slight speedup. Catch the full changelog past the break.

SNES9X Euphoria R1 for PSP

SNES emulation on PSP is back in the limelight as homebrew developer Zack has announced the release of his latest project, SNES9X Euphoria R1. Building off the already robust codebase of SNES9xTYL, it is focused on pure optimization, aiming to increase overall emulation performance. Zack reports of significant frame rate gains in Kirby Super Star, one of the more demanding […]

PSPgo Hacked, Says Hello World

While Sony went to great lengths towards preventing a repeat of the Pandora battery hack on PSPgo, they evidently forgot to patch up some existing security vulnerabilities on the software side. Mere days after the launch of the new hardware, homebrew developer FreePlay has managed to run unsigned code on it. Above is a video clip showing off his efforts […]

PSP Filer 6.2

Despite being missing in action for awhile, homebrew developer Mediumgauge has returned, and he’s back with a bang: releasing an update to his popular file management application PSP Filer, now at version 6.2. This is a multi-purpose solution to your organizational needs on PSP, providing functionality that goes beyond that of the XMB, such as the ability to view text […]

Wii Firmware 4.2 Out Now, Once Again Targets Homebrew Users

Nintendo rolled out System Update 4.2 for Wii owners in the states today, with the official changelog vaguely dropping word of “behind-the-scenes fixes” and performance improvements. The ho-hum level is high. These so-called fixes reinforce Nintendo’s anti-homebrew stance, deleting the homebrew channel, BootMii and related cIOS files. While it almost goes without saying, if that concerns you, then passing on […]

New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Patches Security Hole, Free60 Devs Advise Against Installing

The latest Xbox 360 dashboard update adds support for Microsoft’s Game on Demand service, but that isn’t all it does. According to Free60 project leads Felix Domke and Michael Steil, this update stealthily patches up a security hole that allows execution of unsigned code. Apparently, “a complete end user compatible hack has been in development for some time” and will […]

Wii Firmware 4.1 Hits Rest Of The World

Earlier this month, Nintendo stealthily issued a Wii firmware update in Japan — version 4.1 — designed to fix an unidentified issue in Wii Sports Resort. The supplied changelog is rather vague, mentioning only that this update includes “behind-the-scenes fixes” designed to improve system performance. If the same Wii Sports bug exists in overseas copies of the title, rest assured […]

Team Twiizers Unofficially Unlock DSi Mode

The gang of hackers over at Team Twiizers, widely known for their homebrew efforts on Wii, have released a video clip of a custom intro sequence running on the DSi, featuring the team logo scrolling from right to left on screen. At first glance, it may look like a simple feat but we’re told this is a huge step forward […]

Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-A for ChickHEN

It’s time to don those party hats, as this past weekend gave way to yet another breakthrough for avid users of homebrew applications, as well as patient souls looking for a way to get in on the action. The crew of hobbyist developers over at French site PSPGen have released 5.03 GEN-A, an updated custom firmware revision featuring support for […]

Custom Firmware Enabler v1.0: Load M33 from HEN Environment

Homebrew developers Xenogears and Becus25 have released a utility dubbed Custom Firmware Enabler. As its name implies, this allows users to enable certain M33 functions from within the ChickHEN environment on firmware 5.03.

PSP Homebrew: MD5 Hash Generator

Developer ajm_design has sent over his first homebrew application for the PSP: MD5 Hash Generator. As its name implies, this is a utility designed to generate an MD5 hash of any text string. Usage is rudimentary, simply input a text string using the provided virtual keyboard and press L and R to calculate an MD5. Set for inclusion in future […]

Community Interview With PSP Developer Hellcat

Community and staff member jx233 recently caught up with Hellcat for an interview, gathering his thoughts on the PSP homebrew scene in general and what sparked his interest in hobbyist development. A well-known figure amongst the homebrew crowd, Hellcat has been responsible for several custom firmware aiding utilities, perhaps most notably Pandora installer. Thanks to its ease of use, this […]

No Plans for 5.50 M33 Firmware

For those holding out for a status update on the latest efforts of team M33, Dark-AleX.org site administrator Alek has confirmed that are currently “no plans” to develop a custom firmware based on 5.50. Of course, that does not mean future custom firmware releases are a done deal, only that Alex feels this one is worth skipping out on. Released […]

ChickHEN for Firmware 5.03 R2

Team Typhoon and group lead Davee have made good on their promise to deliver a properly working version of the universal homebrew enabler known as ChickHEN, initially released yesterday. For those in need of a refresher, this enables homebrew support on firmware 5.03 for all PSP revisions, including the PSP-3000 and TA-088 v3 equipped 2000 units. Despite being hampered by […]

Flash Spacer v3

Homebrew developer alex_e has released an update to Flash Spacer, a utility designed for removing non-essential files from the PSP’s on-board flash memory, such as the Location Free player and various font files. When doing so it also backs up any deleted files for restoration purposes. Version 3.0 features a fully-functional menu and support for backing up files contained in […]