Dreamcast Emulation Hits PS3: nullDC In Action

What better way to leverage the PS3’s computational prowess than with a Dreamcast emulator? It’s quite a jump from the 16-bit SNES, however, homebrew developer drk||Raziel has taken to the challenge with a port of his very own nullDC.

PS3 GameOS Homebrew: SNES9X Emulator

You knew it was bound to happen eventually: emulators running under GameOS. Developer eiz has cooked up a rough port of SNES9X for the PS3. According to the release notes, it currently lacks the usual trimmings, such as save state […]

Spanish Dev Team Says “Game Over” On PSGroove PSP Port

Bad news if you’ve been holding out for a PSP port of PSGroove or its variants (PSFreedom, PSJailbreak). A group of Spanish developers that have been hammering away at a promising port for weeks now have conceded that it is […]

PS3 GameOS Homebrew: Pong

eXophase forum member Lachrymose has released a PS3 port of the influential retro classic that is Pong running natively under GameOS. While technically not classified as straight homebrew as it was compiled with the official PS3 SDK, it’s a promising […]

PSGroove ‘Apploader’ Fork Enables USB Homebrew Booting

Now this is groovy — homebrew developer Aaron Lindsay has forked the PSGroove codebase, introducing a new “Apploader’ payload. In essence, what this does is allow users to run PS3 homebrew in extracted PKG format under a common “PS3_GAME” folder. […]

PKGView Beta v1: Extract PS3 PKG Files

The PKG container format is essentially the equivalent of EBOOT files on PS3. To that end, homebrew developer ifcaro has whipped up a GUI-driven application to view the contents of unencrypted PKG archives and extract them on command. The author […]

PSFreedom PS3 Hack Graces iPhone, iPod Touch

Courtesy of homebrew developer NTAuthority, you can now use your iPhone and iPod Touch to hack the PS3. The PSFreedom codebase has been ported over, with one not-so-small caveat: it only works on 2G and 3G iPhone models and 1G […]

Nintendo Unloads DSi Firmware 1.4.1U, Attempts To Block Flashcarts

In Nintendo’s seemingly eternal battle against flashcart users and freeloading pirates, the company has released firmware 1.4.1U for the DSi. The official changelog contains nothing but a blurb that vaguely mentions “behind-the-scenes improvements” in regards to system stability. Under that […]

Update: PSGroove Ported To TI-84+ Calculator, Exploit Files Now Available

Update #2: BrandonW has rolled out v0.02.0001 of his TI-84+ based port, touting “improved compatibility with homebrew applications.” Update: As promised, BrandonW has released his TI-84+ port of PSGroove. Additionally, the developer has written up a handy FAQ on his […]

PS3 Toolchain ready and available for download

Developer ooPo just tweeted that he has released a toolchain for opensource homebrew development on the PS3. This is what homebrew fans have been patiently waiting for since the release the console was “jailbroken”. Hopefully this is the first step […]

PS3 FTP Server Released

Developer CJPC has released an FTP server app for the PS3, giving users full read and write access to the PS3’s internal hard drive, in addition to flash partitions dev_flash2 and dev_flash3. Usage is fairly self explanatory, provided your PS3 […]

PSFreedom Released, PSGroove-Like PS3 Exploit for N900 Phones

Already ridiculously simple, the process of hacking your PS3 just became a little more convenient for owners of Nokia N900 cell phones. Homebrew developer KaKaRoTo today released PSFreedom, which targets the N900. Although similar in functionality to the recently-released PSGroove exploit, the code […]

PSGroove Released, Open Source PS Jailbreak

True to their word, Mathieulh and the crew have released a open-source implementation of the PS Jailbreak exploit, coined PSGroove. The software is compatible with AT90USB and related microcontrollers. Grab a Teensy USB development board and you’ll be all set. […]

PS Jailbreak Cloned, Ported To Teensy++ USB Chip

Homebrew developer and administrator of partner site LAN.st Mathieulh has confirmed that a group of devs he is working closely with have successfully cloned the yet-to-be released PS Jailbreak USB modchip. What’s more, is that they’ve ported over the code […]

Nintendo Flicks Homebrew Kill Switch In Wii Menu 4.3

Nintendo silently rolled out a Wii Menu update last night, once again taking a stab at crippling homebrew. Now at version 4.3, the latest system software revision scans for and deletes any files it deems as “unauthorized.” Homebrew, of course, […]

Recovery Flasher Add-On Brings 5.50 GEN Support

Developer Hellcat simplifies the process of installing custom firmware on your PSP-1000 or PSP-2000 series unit with an add-on to his always-handy Recovery Flasher app. By using it, users can bypass the usual requirement of having to install an M33 […]

PSP Homebrew: PSPgo Style Analog Clock

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen activity on the PSP homebrew front. Spanish developer Deviante breaks the silence with a PSPgo-styled analog clock compatible with any custom firmware capable PSP unit. Adding a secondary clock may seem redundant, but hey, […]

Datel Adds Tilt Driven Motion Sensing Controls To PSP With TiltFX

While tilt-driven motion sensing controls on the PSP are nothing new thanks to the cunning minds of homebrew scene, peripheral maker Datel has expanded on that concept with a commercial product dubbed “TiltFX.” Despite not being endorsed by Sony, TiltFX […]

PSP Homebrew: Battery Warning Plugin v0.3.1

Let’s face it, the PSP’s approach to notifying end-users that their battery is in need of a recharge isn’t exactly obvious, especially when your thumb is covering the LED power indicator at times. In response to this dilemma, homebrew developer […]

AutoStart v5.5

Homebrew developer Roe-ur-boat has released an update to AutoStart PRX, a custom firmware plugin that allows users to conveniently launch any application or game by binding it to a button combination of their choosing. The included configuration file supports to […]