Sony Readies Firmware Updates To Combat PS3 Hacks

While the PS3’s security has been blown wide open as a result of recent hacking efforts, that isn’t stopping Sony from fighting the good fight. In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, a Sony spokesperson claims that a series of network updates are on the way to combat these developments. Sony would not spare details on the upcoming firmware, declining […]

Update: Game Categories Light 1.2b for 6.20 TN

Update #2: Bubbletune has published version 1.2b, which is a quick fix that reverts a change made in 1.2. Update: Now, that was quick — Bubbletune has issued a bugfix that fixes an issue with category detection. The supplied readme has also been given an overhaul. Grab the updated download below. With the advent of 6.20 TN comes a new version […]

6.20 TN-A Homebrew Enabler Released

Update: Forum member flofrucht has written up a step-by-step install guide for 6.20 TN-A! Making due on his promise, developer Total_Noob comes through for the homebrew crowd this holiday season, releasing the long-awaited 6.20 TN-A. It opens the gateway to homebrew on 6.20 units through a savedata exploit in the Patapon 2 demo. Much like ChickHEN before it, once the […]

PS3 Homebrew: PS3Tetris

Developer slicer4ever over on our forums has released a homebrew port of Tetris for PS3. It’s a de-facto port, featuring the usual trimmings like a high-score board, along with the ability to set a dynamic background. To install, perform the usual routines: simply copy over PS3Tetris.pkg to your jailbroken PS3’s storage device and run the associated PKG file. A live […]

Prometheus Hack Creator Exits PSP Scene

Chinese PSP hacker liquidzigong, otherwise known as hrimfaxi, pioneered the widely-used custom firmware plugin dubbed “Prometheus.” He’s now decided to part ways and leave the scene, citing the looming threat of legal pressure and concerns over his “personal safety.”

PS3SX PSOne Emulator Released

A full-blown PSOne emulator for PS3 — credited to an “anonymous source” — has been released. A port of the PC-based PCSX, it serves as an alternative to the built-in equivalent with support for “2 player, saving, and ISO container formats *.iso *.bin *.mds *.img.” Furthermore, the author notes that an open-source PSL1GHT compile is incoming with added features like savestates and cheat capabilities. […]

PSP Firmware 6.36 Spotted On UMD

PSP firmware 6.36 is soon to make the rounds, yet not through the usual channels. Reports on Japanese message boards indicate that it’s included on UMD copies of Capcom’s Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. The yet to be released title ships out to retailers in the region this week — December 1. Given the incremental version bump, this firmware is likely […]

PS3 Homebrew: Doom

Adding to the mind-boggling amount of Doom ports out in the wild is homebrew developer xttl’s PS3 take on the demonic FPS classic. Running natively under GameOS, it’s still early yet. That means hard-coded controls, a locked resolution, and no music. The author plans to implement several enhancements for later builds, including support for a USB keyboard and mouse combo […]

PSJailbreak Team Confirms Involvement In PSDowngrade, Seeks Help

In an effort to clear up rumors and speculation, the team behind the original PSJailbreak hack has officially confirmed its involvement in PSDowngrade, a software-based utility that touts the ability to downgrade PS3 units. The crew remains confident in its approach — claiming the firmware revert works on “3.42, 3.50 and beyond.” What’s more, is that according to a statement […]

PSN Now Accessible On Hacked PS3 Firmware 3.41

Chinese hackers have devised a workaround of sorts for those wanting to access PSN on a modified PS3 unit. While security routines prevent anyone with an earlier firmware than the current required from logging on PSN, this circumvents that through a custom payload.

PS3 Homebrew: Pongus, Compiled With Open-Source SDK

Today marks the start of what is hopefully a new beginning for the PS3 scene, no longer dependent on ‘leaked’ SDK libraries. Developer CodeZombie has released Pongus, a derivative of the classic paddle game known as Pong. The visuals are primitive, but that’s besides the point. This has been compiled with the freely available, open-source PSL1GHT SDK, thus legal to […]

PS3 Homebrew: BreakOutX 0.2

Homebrew developer Lachrymose has released BreakOutX 0.2, a clone of the timeless brick-busting classic Breakout. Although it should need no introduction, here’s a refresher: gameplay is centered around manipulating a paddle object in order to deflect a physics-driven ball towards blocks scattered across a square playing field. Featured are five levels in all and a difficulty toggle. For aspiring programmers or those […]

PSP Firmware 6.20 Kernel Exploit Uncovered, 6.20 TN Teased

Sure, hacking your PSP may be old hat now, but the homebrew scene is still alive and kicking. Developer Total_Noob has reportedly uncovered a kernel exploit applicable to all PSP revisions running firmware 6.20.

PSFreedom Backported To PS3 Firmware 3.01, 3.15

Here’s good news for Linux faithful: homebrew developer KaKaRoTo, the original author behind PSFreedom, has incorporated support for earlier PS3 firmware revisions — specifically 3.01 and 3.15. What’s the advantage, you ask? Well, it means those who have been reluctant to take the update plunge following Sony’s controversial removal of OtherOS in 3.21 can now jailbreak their PS3. Previously, the payload […]

Open Manager v1.0 for PS3 Released

An anonymous user over at Spanish site Elotrolado has released Open Manager for PS3. The application serves a dual purpose, allowing users to load legal backups as well as homebrew in extracted EBOOT.BIN format from connected USB devices, or the internal HDD itself. An easy-to-access menu system enables switching between storage devices on-the-fly. It also features a built-in FTP server […]

How To Customize PS3 XMB Fonts

Here’s a nifty customization technique uncovered by our friends over at Nyleveia, allowing users to give their PS3 XMB a more personal touch by replacing the default font with that of a custom one, provided your unit is “jailbroken.” It entails simply replacing two files located on the PS3’s dev_flash partition. A step-by-step process is detailed below.

Sega Saturn Emulator Yabause Ported To PS3

Courtesy of Team GEN, the latest in an onslaught of emulators for PS3 is a port of Yabause, which emulates the multi-core powerhouse that is the Sega Saturn. Although short lived, it had its fair share of classics — most notably NiGHTS and Panzer Dragoon. As far as emulation goes, don’t expect miracles in the speed or compatibility department: it’s […]

Stable PS3 FTP Server Released

The blackb0x crew has come to the rescue with a much-needed alternative to the previously released FTP server for PS3. blackb0x’s take features threading support for fast, simultaneous file transfers across a LAN or WiFi connection. Unlike CJPC’s (admittedly) buggy equivalent, it is crash-free and does not lock up or sporadically drop connection between network transfers, a plus in our book! Installation and […]

Cave Story DSiWare Bound

Studio Pixel’s exploration-heavy platformer Cave Story seems like the perfect fit for DS, or DSiWare to be more specific. It’s time to rejoice, as according to a table of contents list scanned in from the latest issue of Nintendo Power magazine, the title is indeed DSiWare bound. Apart from the ToC, scans of said magazine have yet to hit the scene, […]

Wii Hacking Guru Teases PS3 Linux Bootloader, Return of OtherOS On 3.21+?

Team Twiizers member Marcan – one of the brains behind the infamous Twilight Hack for Wii – has hinted that he is working on a custom PS3 Linux bootloader. “I suck at names. Help me name a usb-exploit PS3 Linux bootloader? All I came up with so far is lv2ate (“levitate”) and AnotherOS,” tweeted Marcan. As you may well be […]