Firmware 5.03 Says Hello World, TIFF Based Exploit Released

Update #2: The TIFF exploit has been updated once again, this time sporting compatibility with both the PSP-1000 and PSP-2000. Although not officially supported, reports also suggest it is working on 3000 units. Hit up the link below to download. […]

PS3 Firmware 2.70 Now Available

Mere hours after the official announcement, firmware 2.70 is now up for grabs via Network Update. The main draw of this update is obviously in-game text chat support, but it also includes a few noteworthy features such as the ability […]

PS3 Firmware 2.70 Made Official, Brings 16-Player In-Game Text Chat

Despite being April Fools day, there sure is no shortage of real announcements coming in through the pipeline from Sony. Following a spate of rumors, the company just announced that firmware 2.70 is inbound for PS3. It will highlight the […]

Source: PS3 Firmware 2.7 Imminent

Word comes today from a “prominent PS3 developer” that firmware 2.7 is now finalized and has been promptly sent off to partner development studios both within and outside Sony. News concerning the update first broke earlier this month and to […]

PS3 Firmware 2.60 Due Out Soon

Update: Firmware 2.60 for PS3 is now available, check Network Update or download it manually by clicking this link. After issuing a decidedly underwhelming PSP firmware update last night, Sony announced today that a new firmware is due out for […]

PSP Firmware 5.03 Incoming

Update: The update is now available and as per usual, can be directly downloaded through this link or via Network Update. As the headline clearly indicates, PSP firmware 5.03 is due out shortly. It’s being touted as a maintenance update […]

5.00 M33-4 Update Incoming, New Features Promised

Alek has informed us that 5.00 M33-4, the latest edition of Dark_AleX’s M33 custom firmware series, will be released within the next few days. Alongside the usual round of bugfixes, a host of new features are planned for the update. […]

PS3 Firmware 2.53 Arrives, Finally

Time to fire up Network Update: a new PS3 firmware update is available. Firmware 2.53, as detailed earlier last week, adds full screen playback for Adobe Flash 9 content in the Internet Browser. Additionally, playback support for live streams via […]

PS3 Firmware 2.53 Imminent

According to a page on Sony’s official North American website, firmware 2.53 for the PlayStation 3 is due out by tomorrow. The update, as evidenced by the version number, is a minor one that adds full screen playback for Adobe […]

PSP Firmware 5.02 Now Available Worldwide

As promised, Sony has released PSP firmware 5.02. This minor update is now available on a worldwide basis and as usual, can be obtained from Network Update. As detailed earlier, not a whole lot has changed, with the changelog mentioning […]

PSP Firmware 5.02 Coming

PlayStation Network director Eric Lempel is at the frontline once again, informing us of the impending PSP firmware 5.02 release in a post on the official PS Blog. This minor system software update promises to improve “system software stability during […]

PS3 Firmware 2.52 Released

Surprise! A new PlayStation 3 firmware has appeared on Network Update. According to the supplied changelog, the update improves on playback quality with certain PS3 titles and patches up an issue that occurred while using the on-screen keyboard, USB keyboard […]

Video Capture Functionality May Be Coming To PSP

If you keep tabs on the latest firmware development efforts, then you may recall that Sony added an API-level control in a previous system software update to give developers the option of implementing video capture in PS3 titles. This same […]

PSP Firmware 5.00 Musings, Hackers vs Sony

If the disappointment of 4.00 wasn’t enough for you, Sony has released their new firmware update 5.00. And surprise, surprise, it lacks any useful features for the older revisions of the PSP. However, some light has been shone on from […]

PS3 Firmware 2.5 Out Now

Time to fire up Network Update folks! Fully detailed yesterday, firmware 2.5 for PlayStation 3 is now officially available and includes the following changes and additions: * The [BD/DVD Settings] option under [Settings] has been renamed as [Video Settings] Also, […]

SCEA Details PS3 Firmware 2.5 And PSP 5.0

SCEA PlayStation Network director Eric Lempel has released details on the forthcoming firmware updates for PlayStation 3 and PSP. First up is firmware 5.0 for the PSP, which in addition to the direct PSP store announced last week, will include […]

SCEJ: PSP Firmware 5.0 Drops October 15

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has confirmed that the direct PSP store will officially launch on October 15, alongside the release of a new system software update: firmware 5.0. The update adds an XMB icon that allows users to access the […]

Rumor: PS3 Firmware 2.5 Hits Next Week, Along With PSP 5.0

Update: SCEJ just confirmed that PSP firmware 5.0 is scheduled to hit next week. German site Elhabib is reporting that a “very reliable source” has told them that a new PlayStation 3 firmware update is due out by next week […]

PSP Firmware 5.0 In Action

Following up on the rumor posted earlier this week, the folks over at French site PSPGen have posted video proof of PSP firmware 5.0 in action, running on a testing tool unit. Keep in mind this is a development version […]

PS3 Firmware 2.43: Nothing To See Here

A new PlayStation 3 firmware has appeared on Network Update! What does it add, you ask? Er… not much. Specific to Japan, firmware 2.43 simply brings minor improvements to the region’s PS Store and video service. Those not in Japan […]

Rumor: Screenshot Capture To Be Added In PS3 Firmware 2.5

According to a CVG report citing a “development source,” PS3 firmware 2.5 will include an option for screen capturing, allowing users to take a direct-feed shot of what’s currently running on their PS3 – either in-game or from within the […]

PS3 Firmware 2.42 Goes Live

Update: According to PlayStation Network director Eric Lempel, firmware 2.42 “improves the playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation format software.” Like we said, minor update. Yes you read that heading correctly — a new PlayStation 3 firmware has […]

PSP Firmware 4.05 Packs Support For PSN Video Download Service

Although undocumented in the official changelog for PSP firmware 4.05, a page found on Sony’s North American customer care website has unearthed a hidden feature contained in the update: support for PlayStation Store movie and television video downloads. Interesting, interesting. […]

PSP Firmware 4.05 Out Now

Update: 4.05 is now available to download from Network Update. The included changelog states that new visualizations have been added to the music player, but does not mention any of the “other” features Eric was vaguely hinting at. * New […]

PS3 Firmware 2.41 Released

Well folks, it’s back. PlayStation 3 firmware 2.41 is now available for download from Network Update. As you’d expect, this is a minor update, simply fixing an issue in 2.40 that prevented the XMB from displaying properly after installing on […]

PS3 Firmware 2.4 Out Now

The long-awaited and much-lauded PlayStation 3 firmware 2.4 is now officially available for download on Network Update. As most of you know by now, the update includes several highly requested features, including in-game XMB access, an XMB clock, and support […]

Twilight Hack Protection Thwarted, Fix Expected Soon

Shortly after Nintendo launched a new Wii firmware update that blocks users from running the homebrew-enabling Twilight Hack, folks in Team Twizzers immediately began work on investigating the update, uncovering a bug that allows them to bypass Nintendo’s savedata check […]

PSP Firmware 4.00 Now Available

Coinciding with the release of PS3 firmware 2.36 is the immediate availability of firmware 4.00 for PSP. The update can now be downloaded from Network Update and as promised, includes two new main features. Namely, the ability to search Google […]

PS3 Firmware 2.36 Now Available

PS3 firmware 2.36, the update we’ve all been anxiously waiting for, is now available for download on Network Update. As revealed by PlayStation Network director Eric Lempel earlier today, 2.36 includes compatibility fixes for certain PlayStation software titles. And that’s […]

Confirmed: PS3 Firmware 2.4 To Feature In-Game XMB, Trophies

Ending a long period of speculation and leaks, Sony finally made it official today. PlayStation 3 firmware 2.4 will bring the much requested in-game XMB access feature, along with the addition of an Xbox Live-esque “Trophies” system. Though Sony isn’t […]

Wii Firmware 3.3 Drops, Renders Twilight Hack Useless

It was inevitable. Reports are coming in that the latest Wii firmware update from Nintendo deletes and prevents edited save game files from being loaded via SD Card. Essentially, this means that the homebrew enabling Twilight Hack, which comes in […]

Sony: PSP Firmware 4.00 Update Hitting Soon

PlayStation Network director Eric Lempel has announced that firmware 4.00 for the PSP will be released “soon.” The main highlight of the update, according to Lempel, will be the addition of an in-XMB internet search powered by Google. The search […]

Rumor: PS3 Firmware 2.36 Due Shortly

According to various reports, PS3 firmware 2.36 is slated to hit within a week. Much like the last few PSP updates, nothing too substantial will be added, aside from the usual security enhancements and compatibility fixes. Let’s hope this is […]

PSP Custom Firmware 3.95 GEN

French-based homebrew developer Miriam has released custom firmware 3.95 GEN for the PSP, touting full support for 3.X kernel based homebrew applications, as well as an integrated in-XMB recovery menu. For the complete changelog, hit the break.

PS3 Firmware 2.35 Released

A new PlayStation 3 firmware is now available for download via Network Update. No, this update doesn’t bring any fancy features like in-game XMB. Firmware 2.35 simply improves the stability of certain PS3 titles, according to PSN director Eric Lempel. […]

Future PS3 Firmware To Support Managed Copy

We know that a future PlayStation 3 firmware update will enable Portable Copy, a feature that will allow users to copy a downsampled version of certain Blu-ray titles over to their PSP for portable viewing. But in a recent interview […]

PSP Firmware 3.95 Now Available, Features Customizable Controls For PSOne Titles

Update: PSP firmware 3.95 is now available on Network Update. We’ve added a direct link below in case you wish to download the update manually. PlayStation Network head Eric Lempel has revealed that a new PSP firmware is coming and […]

PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.20 Out Now

At long last, PS3 firmware 2.20 is finally available for download via Network Update. To recap, notable features in the update include support for BD-Live capable movie titles, an optimized internet browser that can now steam video files directly from […]

Sony Says No To Portable Copy In PS3 Firmware 2.20

Despite media reports to the contrary, Sony has confirmed that the much-touted Portable Copy feature will not be included in the upcoming firmware 2.20 update for PS3. Not entirely unexpected, considering the original press release sent to us made no […]

PS3 Firmware 2.20 To Feature Portable Copy Functionality

Update: Turns out that the report was bogus. According to Sony, firmware 2.20 will not include Portable Copy. If a report from PCWorld is to be believed, it looks as if the forthcoming firmware 2.20 release for PlayStation 3 will […]