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Earned Date
  • The dogs of war have been raging insanely all around for so long. Too long for many. But I survived and I hope I am not the only one.

    24.66% (77.00)
  • It's been seven days since we holed up here. Death is all around, but we've been lucky to keep everyone alive - so far...

    76.27% (25.00)
  • Fucking snow. It buried half of the city so deep that we can't get there. No point waiting for the snow plows...

    39.15% (48.00)
  • We've explored every nook and cranny of our abode and there's nothing useful left to find. We must venture outside.

    79.53% (24.00)
  • The radio is useful beyond expectations. We get the news and it's so good to be reminded of normal life and the wide world.

    71.45% (26.00)
  • We finally managed to distill some moonshine. In a city under siege food and alcohol are always in high demand.

    44.45% (42.00)
  • It's crucial to secure our place against night intruders. Two persons watching out for thieves can also watch out for each other.

    53.88% (35.00)
  • This recovery from a grave illness proves that medicines work miracles. Or perhaps some of us have really robust immune systems.

    8.15% (232.00)
  • What good fortune, not only we managed to dress these critical wounds, but they are healing nicely. Someone must be praying for us.

    13.07% (144.00)
  • With just kind words and deeds, we helped one of us survive the darkest depression that can kill just as dead as a bullet.

    19.97% (95.00)
  • We have now enough beds for everybody - that is, everybody but the one that has to go out and search for stuff.

    65.51% (29.00)
  • For the first time since we wound up here all of us ate a hot meal. Let's not get accustomed yet.

    77.33% (24.00)
  • One of us survived our first brush with violent death. We hope against all odds there will be no more encounters like that.

    69.50% (27.00)
  • Our place is starting to resemble a proper home. Let's furnish it so we can live in a relative comfort, it keeps the spirits up.

    47.06% (40.00)
  • Every building we visit has a story to tell. I'm wondering sometimes what kind of story we'll leave behind...

    67.52% (28.00)
  • The winter's gone. The freeze is over. We made it through... everyone made it! Amazing.

    22.24% (85.00)
  • In the beginning, we didn't hope we'll all make it. So many died. And yet we're still here. This surely means something... right?

    20.45% (92.00)
  • We've combed through all the neighborhood, it's harder and harder to find anything useful. This war can't end soon enough.

    21.20% (89.00)
  • The bandits came in packs like dogs driven mad with hunger. We beat them back every night. And everyone survived. A miracle.

    22.75% (83.00)
  • For the first time we all indulged our addictions. It keeps the spirits up, and damn the health issues, we can die tonight anyway.

    87.89% (21.00)
  • It’s the children who suffer the most during war. They need all the help they can get. Thank you!

    19.61% (96.00)
  • War can’t shut people’s mouths. Sometimes graffiti speaks more than a thousand words.

    3.41% (554.00)
  • It’s crucial that kids learn to survive on their own. What if we don’t come back one night?

    2.44% (774.00)
  • We made it! Schools will reopen soon. From now on, kids will live a normal life again.

    5.33% (354.00)
  • Attacking a place that shelters a kid… Atrocious! We stand together to protect our little one!

    8.94% (211.00)
  • Kids… they sometimes seem to be far away from this war. It’s heartwarming.

    8.05% (235.00)
  • At least the kid has a new playmate. Maybe it will even be a break from our daily routine here.

    4.55% (415.00)
  • Solidarity. That’s the first thing we have to teach to our children.

    5.04% (375.00)
  • We wish we could be kids again and have fun with practically nothing.

    8.78% (215.00)
  • Nothing is more beautiful to see than a child smile and play again.

    3.29% (574.00)
  • Safe at last, I looked back at the burning city and wept. I wished that all who wanted to leave it could do so. Escape from Pogoren.

    3.60% (524.00)
  • Faced my demons and learned the truth of that horrible night.

    7.95% (237.00)
  • Finally found a way back to the old apartment. Or whatever was left of it.

    10.04% (188.00)
  • The hoodie meant the world to Amelia, but war turns everything upside down. This piece of cloth was crucial to this woman’s health. Maybe life.

    7.92% (238.00)
  • The stakes were high, but I could not stay idle. I killed those soldiers, but I saved the doctor.

    6.41% (295.00)
  • Learn and broadcast all the news

    1.88% (1004.00)
  • Lie to Malik on two or more occasions

    2.17% (870.00)
  • Tell Malik the truth at least twice

    4.13% (457.00)
  • Finish the game as Malik's successor

    3.52% (536.00)
  • Finish the game apologising to Malik

    1.78% (1061.00)
  • Let Adem return to the shelter

    4.34% (435.00)
  • Make one hundred cigarettes

    2.16% (874.00)
  • The winter was severe. I knew Tito used to help my father frequently. I decided to help him too.

    2.74% (689.00)
  • Complete the game with all the alternate endings.

    1.25% (1510.00)
  • Zoran's destiny is fulfilled. We didn't burn any of our legacy.

    1.91% (989.00)
  • Our place was damaged in the bombing. We decided to reinforce all the pillars to buy us as much time as we can.

    1.54% (1226.00)
  • Some people just want to watch the world burn.

    1.42% (1330.00)
  • They had only their adoptive father - Adam. Now they have a glimmer of hope to survive this war.

    2.35% (803.00)
  • We finally managed to repair the truck. Now we can move our heritage to safety.

    3.03% (623.00)
  • We gave the painting to Colonel Markov. Our heritage should be safe now.

    1.97% (958.00)
  • We gave the case files to Taras the fence. Our heritage should be safe now.

    2.18% (866.00)
  • We faced the harsh winter together and made it to the Museum, our new shelter.

    3.69% (512.00)
  • Milena's wish came true. We saved it all - our precious heritage.

    2.22% (851.00)
  • We acquired the truck parts without giving up Anja's necklace.

    1.97% (958.00)
  • Livia managed to survive until the end of war and gave birth to her child in time of peace.

    2.43% (777.00)