Wii Homebrew Channel Now Available on Wii U

Shortly after the Wii U launched, the famed Homebrew Channel was teased for folks who enjoy tinkering with their hardware. While there’s still no Wii U Homebrew option for these individuals to take advantage of, HackMii has reported that the Homebrew Channel for the original Wii is now fully functional on the Wii U. If you plan on running the […]

Wii U Homebrew Channel Teased, CPU Details Outed

Nintendo platforms aren’t exactly known for their ironclad security against hackers, and it seems the Wii U is no exception. Fail0verflow, the same team responsible for cracking open the PS3 and exposing Sony’s ‘epic fail on security’ has teased that a Wii U Homebrew Channel is on the way.

Hacker Gets PSOne Games Running On PS Vita Through PSP Emulator

While we’re still awaiting Sony’s implementation of the PSOne emulator for PS Vita, a lone hacker has managed to get PSOne games up and running on the Vita, albeit unofficially. The feat was performed using a kernel exploit inside the emulated PSP environment. That’s right — this is essentially an emulator running inside an emulator. The hacker, who wishes to […]

Video: PS Vita Says ‘Hello World’ Through PSP Emulator

Another coder who wishes to remain anonymous has managed to pull off a ‘Hello World’ on PS Vita. While the feat isn’t based on teck4’s earlier exploit, it does share the same approach, in that it executes code from within a PSP environment. It’s a proof of concept at this stage, with some timely visuals added for good measure. Take […]

PS3 Hacker George Hotz Continues To Fight for Jurisdiction

PS3 hacker George Hotz’s long-winded legal battle with SCEA continues, this time with his lawyers poking holes in the opposition’s argument. In a recent filing, they argue that Hotz had no knowledge of where SCEA was based prior to the suit — or its relation to SCE Japan. In all honesty — while it’s hard to believe that someone as […]

Court Grants Sony Access To Search Hotz’s PayPal Records

Sony has won a court order granting them limited access to search PS3 hacker George Hotz’s PayPal records, according to a Wired report. In an effort to further tie the case to California, Sony contests that Hotz accepted donations for his efforts from residents of the state. In essence, the subpoena gives Sony access to comb through transactions posted on […]

PSP Homebrew: Game Categories Light v1.3

Now users of all firmware can enjoy Bubbletune’s folder organization plugin Game Categories Light v1.3. The latest update brings support for firmware based on 6.3X kernels. Usage is a cinch: once installed, simply create folders representing the categories you’d like to use and drop in homebrew accordingly.

CVOS v3.1 Beta Recovers Bricked PS3 Units

While not quite a universal remedy for PS3 bricks, it’s a start. Spanish developer Nesi_Tor of Team Hades has released CVOS v3.1, an app that aims to recover PS3 units that were rendered inoperable to due a bad firmware flash or related mishaps. The only clincher is that it requires a hardware NAND reader in order to dump the analyze […]

Nintendo 3DS Partially Hacked, Runs Homebrew In DS Mode

So, while we aren’t going as far to say that Nintendo’s beefed-up security implementation in the 3DS was all for naught, it seems such measures have done little to thwart the efforts of hackers. Flashcart manufacture Acekard released a video that shows a ‘backup’ copy of Castlevania running on a 3DS. Not one to squander, Acekard says it plans to release […]

PlayStation File System Libraries Released, NTFS Support for Homebrew

As an answer to the PS3’s FAT file system limitations on external drives, a developer simply known as “anonymous” has released a library that can add read support for NTFS-formatted volumes. Dubbed libpfsm, it supports “simultaneously connected devices” along with hot swapping capabilities and multiple partitions. The complete breakdown of features on offer is below:

PSP Genesis Entry: Sepulka, A Selective Plugin Loader

It’s been just a few weeks into the recently announced PSP Genesis competition and we’re already beginning to see some promising entries turn up. Say goodbye to the hassles of dealing with plugin conflicts with C4TurD4Y’s Sepulka, a selective plugin loader. While it’s main draw is to allows users to load custom firmware plugins on a per-game basis, it also […]

PSP Genesis Homebrew Competition Announced, $4300 In Prizes

It’s time to bring your A game, the ultimate PSP homebrew competition is here! We’ve joined forces with wololo, npt, PSP-Hacks, PSPSlimHacks, and PSPGen to sponsor what is assuredly the largest competition to grace the PSP scene. A cumulative total of $4300 in prizes is up for grabs — and the prize pool could grow should other sites or individuals decide to […]

Sony Wants To Subpoena PS3 Hack Sites, Other Hackers In Legal Crosshairs

Guns are a blazing over at Sony’s legal branch, with a new round of filings that indicate the firm is seeking to subpoena user accounts and related data from several information havens for PS3 hacks. This includes the likes of Slashdot, YouTube, Twitter, PSX-Scene, and Github. Sony wants the sites to furnish “all information and documents” that reproduce “server logs, […]

Hotz Fights Back Against Sony, Files Motion To Dismiss

George “geohot” Hotz is not succumbing to Sony’s recently granted TRO, not without a fight. Hotz’s lawyer, Stewart Keller, has served up papers arguing why Sony’s basis for jurisdiction in California is flawed. Specifically, Keller points out that SCEA is not responsible for creating the PS3, as Sony is a Japanese company. He further attacks Sony’s claims of extortion, explaining that Hotz’s request for […]

Project PS3MFW Teased, Modified Firmware Builder for PS3

In response to the onslaught of recent PS3 ‘custom’ firmware releases that have hit the homebrew scene, developer KaKaRoTo of PSFreedom fame has teased a new project he is working on along with other prominent devs: PS3MFW. In essence, it’s an all-in-one customizable tool that allows users to build their own modified firmware. It includes an API-driven framework that “facilitates […]

Sony Tries To Prove Geohot Has A PSN Account

Are Sony’s lawyers grasping at straws to take down PS3 hacker George “Geohot” Hotz? In order to establish personal justification in the state of California, the latest round of court documents once again attempt to pin Hotz’s hacking efforts under the terms of the PSN user agreement. It also includes evidence to support such a claim, notably that Hotz has […]

Judge Blocks Sony’s TRO Motion, Geohot Safe For Now

Earlier this week, Sony’s legal team rushed to file a temporary restraining order against famed hacker George “Geohot” Hotz following the recent publication of his firmware 3.55 jailbreak. The motion called for the impoundment of electronic devices and related computer equipment that was used to hack the PS3. Chalk up a win for Geohot, as US District Judge Susan Illston blocked said TRO today, noting […]

Update: Geohot To Appear On G4TV Tonight, TRO Hearing Pushed Back

Update: G4TV segment with Geohot is above. Be patient as the video is still processing. Kudos to YouTube user TitusF2 for capping this! Currently in the legal crosshairs of SCEA, famed hacker George “Geohot” Hotz will appear on G4TV’s ‘Attack of the Show’ later tonight at 7 p.m. EST, as revealed on his official site. We’ll update this with a […]

Sony Files Lawsuit Over PS3 Hacks, Names Geohot, Fail0verflow Team

Sony’s legal suits are at it again, filing a lawsuit against famed hacker George “Geohot” Hotz and the fail0verflow team. Along with Hotz, it specifically names Hector Martin and Sven Peter, both of whom gave a revealing presentation on Sony’s broken PS3 security last month at 27C3. 100 other individuals have been targeted as well, although they remain unnamed. The […]

Geohot Releases PS3 Firmware 3.55 Jailbreak

Update: As promised, Geohot has released his homebrew signing tools for 3.55. It can be used to convert ELFs to valid NPDRM SELFs. Following the emergence of the first proof of concept custom firmware, esteemed hacker George “Geohot” Hotz releases a full-blown jailbreak for firmware 3.55. What’s more, is that it comes in the form of a PUP patch file. Those […]